Wednesday, March 17, 2010

update :)

Where do I start!?

I’ll start with the obvious. The fun stuff that I could spend hours upon hours thinking and talking about. Baby! I’m 11 weeks already! This pregnancy is flying by! I’m starting to feel SO much better. Thank goodness! I’m no longer nauseas all day. Now I just seem to feel sick when I don’t eat or if I decide to do too much at once.
Holy crap! I have been eating so much! I am hungry every two hours. On the hour. it’s ridiculous. I use to be the person that had 3 cups of coffee in the morning and usually snacked until dinner. Now I’m a hungry hungry hippo! I eat A LOT too. I’ve been forcing myself to try and eat better even though all I want is sweet and sour chicken from Golden Dragon. Which brings me to my next weird symptom/craving. I want meat!! All meat. Red, chicken, pork. I want it. I’m just going with the fact that my body probably needs iron. I cant say no to what my body needs, right!?

This week I’m craving:

  • orange juice
  • chinese food
  • french fries
  • bananas

Baby bump? I’m working on it. My stomach definitely looks like it is pregnant. My doctor and Jimaie (she’s practically a doctor.. seriously) told me that you “pop” more quickly with your second baby. I don’t really get it. What I do get is that my jeans don’t really fit and they dig into my sides.

I have been a complete bum! I wear almost the same outfit every time I leave the house. stretchy jeans/yoga pants, t-shirt/tank, and a zip up. Let me just tell you.. i am SMOKIN! I also must confess that I haven’t plucked my eyebrows, shaved my legs or put on makeup in weeks! Well, I lied. I shaved my legs when I had my 8 week OB appointment. I had to get a pap. I thought Dr. Jay would appreciate me not looking like Jacob, the werewolf. I promised myself that when I actually had some energy, I would spend a day pampering myself. I cant wait for that day to come..

Oh and some fun not baby news! (pshh.. like there is such a thing!)

I got a different job! Same store but, I’m working in the FLORAL DEPARTMENT!! Alllllll byyyy myyysellllfffff!!!! It’s MY department. I call the shots. (well, i have a boss.. but he loves me..) I’m going to take a moment of excitement…



I am beyond thrilled! The hours are amazing. It is SO flexible. I work until 5 at the latest. I get 24 hrs to keep my insurance. I am STOKED! I love being creative. I think this will really be exciting! EEEEEP! Everyone once in a while, I will have to close up produce, but then I will only be working a 4-8pm and that is amazing! Okay, I’m done gushing..

I haven’t taken a picture in lord knows how long! I kind of threw myself into a loop. I cant believe how much energy I don’t have. It’s almost hard to get use too. I miss being up and at ‘em. (my mom says that.. she is cute) I have to keep telling myself.. soon. Soon I will be back to normal..