Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Wrap Up!

I know I haven’t been the world greatest blogger. But I think having morning sickness for 9 months and then a newborn the rest of 2010.. well that puts me in a small bracket of “it’s okay not to blog.” Cause really, I think that all my posts would consist of “I’m really tired”, “my boobs are killing me!!”, “I need a nap, I’m so tired.” and that always seems really lame. So here is the wrap up of 2010 :)

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January – Mike and I didn’t stay up for new years. Instead, we woke up when he was going to work and toasted to the new year at 2 AM. I wouldn’t of had it any other way. I suffered from severe “sleepy head syndrome” and spent most of the afternoons napping with Olivia or near the heater. Apparently, that is a really good sign that you’re making a baby inside your uterus. TA-DA! I was finally pregnant after a long 6 months of trying.


February-  We celebrated Valentines Day, my favorite holiday. Olivia turned 2 and turned out to be not so terrible. We announced that we were having a baby to my family. Later,  I convinced myself and Olivia that all that ice cream and pizza I was eating was in fact the baby growing and not just pizza and ice cream.  This was also the start of my never ending morning sickness. And the end of Project 365 cause I didn’t want to take a picture of me every day laying on the couch watching Dinosaur Train with Olivia.


March- The snow had melted and it was finally warm enough to go to park and play. Olivia was brave enough to go on the slide and the big kid toy all by herself. I really started showing by month 3. Most of the time I just told myself that I looked fat, and I would cry and Mike would have to come in and tell me I was “hot stuff” and kiss me. This was a daily occurrence. We started potty training Olivia. Which has been unsuccessful, thus far.


April – Olivia is old enough to finally get Easter egg hunting. It was a blast to watch her run at full speed to get the eggs. We will have to remember this year to hid them a little better. She insisted on wearing her “daddy hat” with her Easter dress. Olivia isn’t much of a girly-girl.  We spent a lot of the spring mornings outside drawing with chalk. Olivia LOVES chalk.


May- Olivia went to Super 1 and made me a special mothers day cake. Afterwards, the family almost died of a sugar coma due to large quantities of sprinkles consumed. It started to warm up in Ellensburg starting in May and that means BBQ! Olivia learned how to eat her first corn on the cob! It was hilarious watching her eat it but she ate the whole ear! We found out that our baby was a BOY!! I always had a feeling it was a boy. Mike and I were thrilled! One of each! And this meant that I got to go shopping this all the baby clothes that we owned was pink.


June- Liv and I spent our Saturday mornings at the Farmers Market. Olivia got to try her very first snow cone!! She loved every bite and ended up eating the whole thing with Mama’s help! Olivia was finally brave enough to try the arch steps at the big kid toy. With Daddy’s help, she went up and down it! She was so excited! The picture of us in the aprons was just too cute to not put up! Olivia loves putting on her apron that she got for her birthday and help me cook dinner and “tir” {stir}.


July- We took Olivia to the Seattle Aquarium for the first time! She wasn’t too sure about the giant fish tank, but she got into as we walked through more. Her favorite sea creature was the Octopus. I was slowly preparing for baby boy to come and I scored some great deals at Goodwill! I love Goodwill! When we sent Olivia to Grandma’s, Mike and I got to go on a date! I love our little dates even if it’s just to dinner. It is really nice to reconnect and talk to him without any interruptions.


August- Mike and I snuck away to Cannon Beach, OR for a whole week! We left Olivia with Grandma! It was so fantastic! We even went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory! I made 5 receiving blankets for Isaac with my new sewing machine! It was ridiculously easy! We spent a lot of time walking around the lake. Not really going in the lake because Olivia was scared of everything that floated near her in the water.


September- Our work puts on a “Lunch at the Fair” and because of that, our boss gets free admission tickets and free ride bracelets. It makes for one cheap day at the fair! We got to see all the animals in the barns and even get up close and personal with a horse! Olivia was not a fan, but she loved the cows. I don’t really know the difference between one giant animal and the other…but Olivia sure did! We thought Olivia was finally old enough to ride the carnival rides. And since we got ride bracelets, she could go on anyone she wanted! I think her favorite was the ferris wheel. She is quite the dare devil. Mike celebrated his 31st birthday. I made him an ice cream cake with his favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was a really great birthday.


October- Sadly, Mike’s Dad passed away in October. We were hoping that little Isaac would be born before he died. Unfortunately, God had other plans. We truly were heart broken when he passed. Mike does really well most days and the others, well I can tell when he just needs to be alone. Isaac Michael {named after his grandfather} was born on October 13th. He weighed 9lbs 9oz. Isaac means “he who laughed” and the funny thing is, I laughed while I was having contractions, and those laughs ended up pushing the baby right out! I had no tearing or even an episiotomy. My doctor said I was the first woman he had ever delivered that had laughed during the final stages of labor. We soon learned that Isaac is nothing like his sister. He is very picky and set in his ways already! Olivia enjoyed Halloween so much this year! We let her choose what she wanted to be. She, of course, chose to be a triceratops! She was THE cutest dinosaur I’ve ever seen. Mike and I were so proud of her when she was trick or treating. She was very polite and waited her turn. We let her keep most of her candy, and she got a piece every time she used the potty.

DSC_1062DSC_0072 - CopyDSC_0986

November- I turned 23 on the 12th and enjoyed spending the day with my sweet little family. Mike and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and went and walked down to the spot where he proposed and got married.  It is so fun to see how much we have changed since the beginning. Olivia is becoming more and more of a big sister everyday. She loves waking up in the morning and snuggling with Isaac on the couch. She is so good to him. She even shares her blankie, which she doesn’t do with anyone else. I love watching their relationship grow, and seeing that smile that Isaac only gives to his sissy.


December- This month has been fun. It has been super busy too. Isaac has started to smile and laugh. It really is the cutest. He wakes up every morning with a smile. I love it! It really does make all those sleepless nights at the beginning worth it. Olivia and I enjoyed setting up the tree together and she even got to put up all her ornaments! We spent Christmas was Mike’s Mom and sister. We had prime rib with all the fixins’ {hehe} and I enjoyed having family over and being hostess.

Well, that’s our year. It has been very tough both physically and emotionally. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! We wont stay up tonight to watch the ball drop, but we will ring in the new year again at 2AM when Mike wakes up for work again. I have so many goals that I want to accomplish this year. I want to do more, to make more and to spend less and waste less. It seems easy enough.

Here’s to a fantastic, joyful, and inspiring 2011!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A little wish..

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From our family to yours,
Have a very merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Perfect Ellensburg Fall Photo


It’s freakin’ cold. The sky is gray.  My babies are all wrapped up {including Isaac, you can see the little speck of green by Mike’s shoulder.} and we are walking to our spot. The one we have been going too since November ‘07. By the time we get there, our ears hurt and we are dreaming of hot cocoa.  All this trouble, just to take our yearly family photo for our Christmas cards.

Thanks Mama Kat for actually making me blog :)