Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do you ever..

Do you ever get nervous taking pictures off your camera and then actually deleting them from the camera? I do every single time. I know, you should always back up your files, throw them on a CD and throw the CD somewhere that that incase of a fire that is the first thing you grab. [That, Olivia, and probably the half asleep husband asking why he smells cooked bacon] But I still get nervous! What if the CD is corrupt and there goes ever picture of Olivia eating squash for the first time!?

Anyways, Mike has the camera sitting here on the computer table, I think that means that he wants me to upload it or do SOMETHING with the full memory card of pictures. Alas, here I am, in the morning drinking coffee and uploading pictures, while our sweet girl is sleeping.
**By the way, she slept ALL. Thank to the vicks vapor rub, which i payed for in quarters because i didn't bring my wallet with me to work. And she is sleeping AgAIN! No boogers either ;)
So, I thought I would post some photo's :)
Nothing is better than playing in a pile of leaves! :)

Between this and a scrap of fleece fabric she carries around with us, why did i buy real toys?
Look at those DELICIOUS thighs!

This is our girl yesterday, Mike said she layed on the couch
like this for half an hour.. that's not our girl at all
She did find time in her day to polish the tables.. :)

God Bless!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the vicious cycle..

Since I was sick.. it's only right that my beautiful girl get sick as well...

Sick baby includes:
-not sleeping through the night.
-waking up every hour screaming
-lots of goop in her nose
-wet diapers and #2's because of said goop
-hearing her down the hall and across the living room because she snorts.
-a extremly lovey girl, who just wants to sit on her momma's lap with her head on her chest.

She does look pretty cute in her green alligator jammies. Tomorrow we are going to the doctor if her nose doesn't change back to clear. I would love a babysitter for a couple hours, so I could take a nap.. :) :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Perfect fall weekend!

Even though it was completely busy, Mike was tired and being an oof on saturday/sunday. We had the BEST weekend! And it started on a Thursday! :) What's better than that? Nothing :)

Thursday: Neither of us had to work, we got up at 6ish and had breakfast and got ready to enjoy a drive up Wenatchee! We really just wanted to see the colors up Blewett Pass, oh my goodness they were beautiful. It looked like a wildfire. Oranges and yellows scattered between the pine trees. I love fall. Add in some super cute side fruit stands, i was in awe. While in Wenatchee, was had to do the basics. Go to Costco before our membership was up, because I dont think we'll go again. Got our usuals, sun dried tomatos, carnation breakfast for mike and I haggled with Mike to let me get Olivia a really cute purple outfit :) We stopped at Target, because it's always nessasary when it's near by! And then stopped at Sonic and ate [Message to Daddy:haha, I had Sonic and yoooou didnt!!] Needless to say, Wenatchee really wore us out, even though we STILL want to move there! :) We came home, rested for half an hour, and set foot for our next adventure of the pumpkin patch!! :) We went to the one in Thorp because it was an actual patch and we have to support Thorp :) It was fun, there was even more pumpkins than last year, except that I think they forgot to turn alot of them, because most of the ones we looked at were mushed on the sides :(

After looking at all the patches, and at all the pumpkins, we all decided on the pefect one! And even Olivia got to get one! :) Hers is very cute! :)
We were suppose to have dinner with the Brady's but we were all very tired and 2 members of my family were grumpy :) So we came home and relaxed!! :) THANK GOODNESS!!

Friday: We got to wake up and not rushed, we enjoyed our morning together, got a call from Heather, said she would be there that morning. I was pretty excited because I had never met my sister in law!! :) It was awesome! I wish they would of stayed longer. Jae is so cute and her and Olivia were having fun together! It was great that Olivia finally got to meet her cousin and a REAL aunt! :)
At 4 that night, we were meeting up with Heather J. for the girls to go trick or treating at her parent's house! Olivia was a lady bug and Lydia was a cow! Oh my gosh, they were both so stinkin' cute! :) We took them outside to get fall pictures in the leaves. :) There were many "awws" going around. The pictures turned out great!

This one I think is my favorite, and no one was sure if they got the picture or not..

This picture, Olivia went and saw Mary Ellen, and then gave her a KISS!! and than wanted her mom again.. HOW CUTE

Then we were off to the cornmaze! The cornmaze was fun! Heather and I got to talk about the girls and how they were doing. I really enjoyed talking to her! Olivia and Lydia had the best seat, they were both in the backpacks! :) We got through the corn maze quick! :) We all played navigator and all helped get through atleast one part. There was a pig maze, for the little kids, they let these baby pigs go through it with the kids, Heather was all for it when the girls got older, I might consider it, if I dont have to watch. :) I'm still not much of a "farm girl" But at long as we play with them and not eat them, i'm all for it ;)

This is the end of Lydia's smile, but I got her to smile :)

There are a ton more pictures here:
Uploading them takes too long and gets a little messy! :) Hope you like them :)
God Bless!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm here!

We have had QUITE the busy weekend! But I am here, and today is Sunday which means church until noon, and I have to cute handsome's hair! I promise. a real post by tonight :) Maybe when Olivia is napping!

Love you! xoxox

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Do I make myspace uncool?"

LOL! this conversation went:

Ash: Myspace is soo slow and lame
Mike: I've told you this a million times
Ash: It's because everyone and their mom is on myspace, all the time. wait.. literally, even Mom's have a myspace!!
Mike: *snickers*
Ash: what!?
Mike: you're a mom, and you have a myspace...
Ash: Do I make myspace uncool?!?

LOL. I dont care what anyone says, I think I'm cool. I turn up my music on the way home from work. windows down, shades on. I'm too cool for words ;)

We have had a great couple of days. Olivia and I have done some sort of excersise. Sunday, we went running to Safeway [4 blocks] On the walk back, we found some great crunchy leaves.

She was more about eating them, than playing in them. I dont know what leaves taste like, but I'm sure Olivia does..

And the boxes of pumpkins outside the grocery store were just fantastic! I remember going to Freddy's when we were little, and my daddy telling me to crawl in the boxes towards the back, and I would climb through the pumpkins, until I found the coolest ones. [you know, the funny shaped giant ones that weighed too much] That was always a GREAT time. I took a picture of all this great orange! :) I love Fall. I love pumpkins! So beautiful!! We came home, and Daddy mowed the lawn, and the weather turned sunny and warm. I love these kind of fall days! Olivia and I sat on the grass, ate triscuits and watched Daddy mow the lawn. She ate this one triscuit for an hour. She just nibbled on it. If I would of known that eating a cracker would keep her still for a second, I would of done it a long time ago.. :) Look at this handsome man.. gorgeous.And Miss Olivia, was infatuated with the lawn mower, she would kick her legs, and get all excited when Daddy was coming towards her. And of course, it was Sunday, so we went back inside to watch Football! :) I love sunday football and watching the Seahawks. Who by the way, are totally SUCKING IT UP!! this year. Stupid Hasselbeck, throwing it ALL over the place!! And now he's out and this replacement qb isn't any better!! Sheesh.

Yes, that is my throwback seahawks sweatshirt ;)

And Olivia, found heaven in my pink yarn. She had it EVERYWHERE!

Yesterday, was the PERFECT fall day! :) It was about 60, and a little bit of a breeze. I took Olivia outside because I wanted to take better pictures of her. And she is pretty still when she is outside taking everything in. So we had a fall photoshoot ;)

Eating leaves with Daddy

And can you believe that with all this fun, i've actually had time to sit down and scrapbook? Okay, well just one page, but I love when I find a picture and it's perfect, I immediatly want to sit down and scrap it!

Here is a random sassy face.

And what is this amazing photo?! The world's BEST cupcake. I kid you not, it is delectable! The "icing" is not icinig. It is a chocolate mousse! :) Yumm.. Mike shared this with me last night.

Alright, longest blog post ever! This is a catch up of the last 2 days! :) This weekend should be great. Taking blewett pass to Wenatchee to see the colors. Costco. Getting see The Juenemanns and sweet little Lydia, Pumpkin picking and dinner with the Brady's, and hopefully getting to meet my sister in law and beautiful neice! :)

Looks like a busy weekend! Good thing all the cleaning in done around here!

God Bless!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Oldy but goody :)

Purging my old email folders I came across pictures of Michael when he was a baby. I had Mom send them to me when I still pregnant with Olivia. I wanted to be able to dream about her and I wanted to think about how she would look when I was holding her for the first time. I came across this wonderful photo of Michael playing in the dirt and I cant help but notice how alike they are. How much they are each others twin, and I couldn't be happier.

forth on a friday

Today is forth on a friday. This is the forth picture in the forth file in my file. eeek. I dont even know what it could be. Of course, It's Olivia. This was taken 6/6/2008. She was ALMOST 4 months old. And looking as cute as ever. I LOVE THIS FACE. Look at those tights! And she cant even really sit up herself. I think she should wear those tights today, that outfit actually, minus that jean jumper because that was 0-3 months. My beautiful girl.

Olivia and I went shopping yesterday at Target and Craft Warehouse [mom, you are going to love it!!] She had fun in target, got a little fussy. But not until we were at the checkstand. On the way to the craft warehouse, she fell asleep and had the cutest look on her face. Nothing is sweeter than sleeping babies.
Gretchen and I had so much fun. We enjoyed being girly together without the rush of the boys.. :) Mike informed me, he LIKES going down all the aisles... as long as he is with me. How cute is he? I bought some great papr and accents! All 75% off :) I'm good at what I do.

I work saturday and I'm pretty much off the rest of the week, which is good because I have 2 craft projects in the works. A web bowl, and ghosts!! :)

God Bless!!