Tuesday, September 28, 2010

this is it.

I decided that I dont really have an excuse not to blog anymore. Of course, there is always a lot of things going on in our lives but I think that is just life. I really started this blog as away to remember our story. To keep something to remember the everyday life and the special times that my family gets to share together. I miss having somewhere to just write and remember what is going on and the ability to capture the emotions and how I really felt. So I’m going to become a better blogger.

I’m due in 3 days. There are amazing events and firsts coming up for this family and I want to remember them as much as I can. I’m also going to attempt 365 in January… again. I’m pretty excited about that too!

My idea to start fresh and all over again was to upload all my favorite pictures from the last couple of months so I’m up to date and can really start from this point on.


Here we go.


Mike and I spent a whole week alone together! We went to Cannon Beach, OR. It was so wonderful! We ate out every night, went to bed whenever we wanted too. Took naps in the middle of the day and just relaxed! Did I mention it was wonderful. We visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory, which was a blast, a hideaway beach and spent the day at Haystack. It was a great way to “refresh” our marriage and to reconnect again.

We got to visit the Seattle Aquarium! Olivia was in heaven! She adores all things fish now. Her favorite part of the whole aquarium was the octopus. She would of sat there all morning if we would of let her. She also liked seeing Nemo and Dory.


We somehow managed to fit in a camping trip too! We were only an hour-ish away from home, but it was still a blast! We slept like crap the whole time and Olivia loved playing in the dirt. There were a few hiking trails around camp and Olivia did a great job “hiking” on her own! :) Mike didn’t have to carry her until the very end when we were climbing down.




Although everyone else has been having crappy summer weather, It wasn’t actually too bad here! It was usually in the high 70’s which is okay with me! Normally we have 100 degree weather, but being 7 months pregnant, i was really glad to have such a cool summer :)


Olivia experienced what it was like for her legs to fall asleep for the first time!
I’m not sure this is a moment that you are suppose to capture.
I’m just glad that I didn’t have it on video because I was laughing the whole time.
I’m such a mean mommy.


Olivia decorated my belly! She was so excited “to make baby pretty”


Can you even believe that this car seat use to be PINK!? {that’s the best picture I have of what the print looked like before. And look at cute baby Olivia!!} Anyways, I didn’t want little mister to have to have a pink car seat so after searching the internet for covers, I found a tutorial that showed me how to do it! HOLY MOLY! It was really hard! But now that I have done it once, I could definitely do it again without any quirks or mistakes. My friend Susan helped with it, and she helped keep me sane! I JUST finished it this week… talk about procrastination! Oops! Atleast it’s all finished and little man will have something to come home in.


Sunday, we celebrated Mike’s birthday. This year it was very low key and I didn’t throw him a ridiculous 7 year old party. I wanted too but I knew that I wouldn’t have the energy being 39 weeks pregnant. We had a great time and I made a really yummy grasshopper ice cream pie!

DSC_0571DSC_0574 DSC_0595DSC_0598       

And on top of all that.. I keep growing..
{31 weeks}


{33 weeks}
and growing..


{36 weeks}
…and growing..    


until I’m about ready to pop!
{38 weeks}