Sunday, November 30, 2008

6th folder. 6th picture.

What a beautiful day to be surrounded by good friends. I wish that Heather and I were next door neighbors and could walk like this every day and just talk while our girls played together in the grass.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

terrifc twofer tuesday.

It's been fairly busy around the Archibald house. Here is a quick update. Olivia was 18.7lbs and 29 inches long at her 9 month check up. She got 3 shots but barely cried. She impressed everyone. Doctor J said she needed to eat more solids to be more chubby. So we are shoveling the food now ;) She is 95% for height and only 30% for weight. We have been enjoying sampling other foods and the last picture is of her eating an orange :) She has been busy pushing everything around and is giving me a run for my money :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy 1 year

Happy 1st Anniversary.
I still love you more and more everyday. Thanks for being my best friend, and knowing my heart so well. xox

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"How can you be happier with more, if you aren't happy with what you have?"
-fortune cookie

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

favorite pictures.

Beautiful Girl!
She didnt want to get dressed! This was the result. Such a cute tushie!

See what happens when we try to be normal

This one is my favorite.

We look so much ALIKE! :) This is how we get excited!

Hey guess what? Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! I will have my first legal drink tomorrow night at 6! Hooray! I even got a cute new shirt to wear and earrings yesterday with Susan!
God Bless! xoxox

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Life seems to get ahead of me. Or maybe it's the lack of time that is really the problem. The last 2 weeks have been kinda hectic. It has been the same routine everyday. Wake up at 5, play with Olivia til Mike gets home at 11, get ready for work, work 12:30-5:30, come home, get everyone ready for bed. Bedtime at 7. Then we start all that over again. Notice there is no Mike and Ash time? It sucks. But here are some pictures to get you caught up on us.
it has been a yucky all week here. Secretly, I love to turn off the TV and listen to the rain fall.This proves that Olivia is our daughter. Here she is double fisting the halloween candy. Dont worry she couldn't actually get the wrappers open

Olivia has finally gotten over her cold. this is us booger sucking the snot out ;)
She has officially 3 teeth. 2 bottom and 1 top and is now cutting the other top one. And guess what? She has a gap ;)
Putting miss muffet to bed :)

3 days til my birthday. We found a babysitter, so we are going out for drinks on my birthday at the Starlight. I'm pretty excited for my my day! :) I even found my birthday ribbon! Then it's off to Tumwater to spend time with my best friend in the world. It's been long over due and dont think there wont be a camera FULL of pictures of us! The next morning, I'm heading up to Port Orchard for some GREAT family time. Maybe Mom will get a chocolate cream pie for my birthday ;) *hint*hint* My sister is coming over too!!! :) Oh man, I'm so excited!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I feel like pouting. You know that feeling? Like you didn't get what you wanted and now you have to watch the other people be victorious? I dont like to loose. And I dont want these United States to go to hell. Sure, we all want lower taxes.. but at what cost? Raising other taxes on other things we need? Hopefully everyone will see, but in the mean time. Hey! We made history. Barack is the first black president. Now when we are old ladies, we can say "when I was your age, we had our first black president" :)

..but dont blame me, I voted for the old guy and my look-a-like ;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today is important.

This morning is extremely important. This is the morning that I wont turn on the TV because I dont want to be bombarded with negative ad's on the TV and news casters with their biased opinions telling me false information. I really hope that everyone who could vote, got too. Mike and I did.

Yes, it's true. We do need change. Hopefully, there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I've been up since 2. And it's 6:45 pm. I'm so exausted. Olivia woke up hungry and wouldn't go back to sleep. I gave up trying at 4. Made a bagel and a pot of delicious coffee :) Thank God for coffee. I got to enjoy another morning with my hot baker! yess. I work on a tedious card for a sweet little girl that needs it ;) and had a suprisingly happy girl wake up from her nap. We spent the rest of the morning together hanging out and giggling. I even got to talk to my best friend in the world for an hour. It was THE BEST. Now, we will get online whenever we are on the computer, because it had been to long. {thanks megs} I had to work at 12:30, Mike watched miss bug and took that last picture of her after her nap. She was hilarious when I got home, because she was a little tired, but she was acting loopy! I was just sitting above her and she was cracking up! Laughing more then i've ever heard! It was amazing.
Now, i'm ready to snuggle with Mike and get some good sleep.
God Bless

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A day in the life

Today seemed to be full of highs and not so many lows. {except when I lost Waddles. more on that later} I decided that I would take on the photography challenge and take all my photo's in black and white. And then my other idea, came from Ali Edwards, last month to do "A Week In The Life." Taking pictures of everyday things to remember all the stuff in your life. Later, I will print out pictures and bind them all together to make a scrapbook to have on my coffee table :)

6:15 - Woke up to the sound of Mike's car coming into the driveway. He has been coming home on his lunch for a while now, and I enjoy getting to see him and enjoy a cup of coffee with him. I woke up extremely groggy and drank the best cup of coffee in a while. I guess I dont adapt so well to time change. Fed Miss Piggy and let her play a little bit before I put her back down for a morning nap <3. Where would I be without those naps. I enjoyed surfing the internet, and blogging. I listened to Jack Johnson all morning. I looked around and realized the room was unkept and the bed wasn't made. The morning blahs.
8:30 - Got ready for the day. I love thermal shirts. Fed Olivia before we left to walk to Fred Meyers. It was a beautiful gloomy fall day. Put layers on Olivia and made her wear her cute coat. Enjoyed Fred Meyers although, I didn't buy really buy anything.

10:00 - Came home, ate a meal bar and am working on a GIANT bottle of water. That's one of my goals, to drink more water. :) Sunday means we get to relax. And I get to enjoy my gorgeous hubby being home. We put Olivia down for her nap, which she did not want to do. I tried to find her silly Penguin Waddles, but he was no where to be found. I was in a frenzy. I was crying because I lost my daughters best friend and because I gave Waddles to Mike for our first christmas. Finally, Mike left to see if it had be left at Fred Meyers. Thankfully, someone had turned it in.. :) :)

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. We watched football, ran to fred's again to get some food for Olivia. And ended the night with cream of wheat. yum :)
All together, today was great! Olivia was pretty cranky all day, but I think her top teeth are coming because she was a drool machine. :) Today is day 2 of my blog everyday and I think i'm doing alright :)
God Bless!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

National Blog Posting Month ;)

You know what this means?!

It means, that I'm posting every single day! YES! It is very exciting!!

So, since today is November 1st.. guess what?!

11 days til my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember counting down when I was little, and telling my mom all the time how many days til my birthday just in case she forgot. And then putting my wish list on the refrigerator. One year, I got a talk boy pen, man I was soo excited. I dont even know why I wanted it, but I did and my daddy got it for me! :) I hate to say it, but my Daddy always gets me the BEST presents. Every year. And he picks them out all by himself. That's why I think they are so good. Last year, I got a cross necklace that was gorgeous and I haven't taken it off since :) This year, I told him I wanted a pea coat.. mm to be warm and cute in a gorgeous jacket with mittens and a scarf! :) :) :)

Oh! And Happy Halloween! We only had 4 trick or treaters. :( Now we have 3 bags of candy, in a bowl, taunting me to eat it. I was June Cleaver at work. Can you believe I didn't take a single picture? Wanna know the sad part? I had everything I needed for the outfit in my closet. Which is CRAZY! I wore a yellow button up dress with a cinched waist, a purple vintage apron, nylons, and heels. Then I had a rubber glove in my apron and a sponge and I wore my hair flipped out, with a polka dot headband. Megs would of been so proud.

..maybe I will put it on again, just to take a picture..

Anyways, here are some fun pictures that I just uploaded off the camera! :)

The front porch last night.

Olivia eating a banana all by herself.

How I spent my morning

My girl and I

Olivia and her pumpkin. She was very proud of it!

Daddy and Olivia, this morning. They we re just hanging out together. 10 minutes later, she was squawking and making all kinds of funny noises and having a good time playing with Daddy.