Thursday, July 30, 2009

25 Incredible Facts about Me!

1. My Daddy has called me Smash for as long as I could remember. He also calls me darlin' and it makes my heart melt.
2. My favorite beverages are coffee with cream, and Beringer white zinfandel wine oh an occasional diet coke.
3. My favorite animal is a giraffe.
4. I use to have a guinea pig named Cocoa. He was the best damn guinea pig, and i left one summer and came back and he was gone. I think my dad ate him still .. to this day. {he says he didn't but that what he gets for joking about it all the time}
5. I love pictures. I can never have enough photos hanging around the house. My all time favorite picture is a picture of my Daddy and I at my grandparents wedding, giving each other an Eskimo kiss
6. I have 6 best friends. Mom, Melissa, Mike, Megs, Susan and Gretchen.
7. I love running. When I'm pissed off, I will run until I cant breathe anymore and my problems go away.
8. I've been keeping a journal since I was in the 2nd grade. I owe it all to a book called Amelia's Notebook.
9. Mike and I met at Super One. He use to throw dough balls at me. I use to think he was an arrogant ass hole.
10. I no longer think that. He is my best friend and the only one that truly knows my heart.
11. I love my gap. I've photoshopped it out of pictures and decided that I look the best with it.
12. I love fishing. I can even cast my own pole ;)
13. My sister and I have the same exact laugh.
14. I have so many crafty items that I have a whole closet full of stuff. I just need more time to do it all..
15. I love chocolate, but I'm not a fan of any other desserts.
16. I'm lactose intolerant.
17. My daddy and i use to stay up on Friday nights and watch x-files. so yes, I've seen every episode.
18. Mike has recently introduced me to the world of hysterical comedy that is, Seinfeld.
19. Mike and I love to YouTube comedians when we have nothing better to do.
20. I collect little mermaid things and cant wait to pas them on to Olivia.
21. My parent's got my middle name from my daddy's obsession with Olivia Newton John..which of course, I gave to my daughter.
22. My favorite relatives are my uncle Ervy cause he taught me how to fish, my cousin Karen because I think she is SO beautiful and always did my sister and my  hair, my Aunt Steph because she is a strong southern woman, my great grandma Chris who i named my daughter after and who i owe my coffee addiction too. And my aunt Nancy because i can say anything to her without her being shocked or mad
23. I love planning parties! it thrills me to coordinate and have an amazing party for not so much money.
24. I love to bake cookies and cupcakes and decorate cakes. I love to cook too.. it's just not as fun ;)
25. i have over 10 pairs of knee high socks.

Monday, July 27, 2009

some days


there is no one else in the world that I would rather hang out with.

i love you, bug.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Rest of the film..

I think I’m hooked on this whole film idea. Maybe not all the time, but just when we go somewhere fun or out of the norm. I really love the look of most of the photos. Some of them, i go “what the heck!?” but I really love them!

One of our favorite places to go is Lions Rock. I don’t really quite know the origin of the place. Let me tell you, there is no lion shaped rock. That’s what I thought, when Mike took me there for the first time. I looked at him and said “Where’s the lion rock!?” No.. it’s just an old military seal on a rock…  But, it’s above the valley and the sunset is breathtaking.


No, I’m not filling a dinosaur thermos with Franzia. Don't judge me.


This is the seal on the rock. or the “lions rock”

work Isn’t my work uniform flattering?! I secretly love it. Then, they changed it to army green. WTH?!


benstiller zoolander2main “You are ridiculously good looking. You should do it professionally.”


Olivia LOVES to go “bye bye” My favorite part is that she gathers all her friends {doggie, waddles the penguin, giraffe, and dinosaur} and her blankie! We’ve limited to one friend and the blankie. My arms aren’t that big!


How freakin’ cute is she!!



shoesCan you believe that I made these!?!? I used this pattern and totally rocked it! The pattern was so easy and I suck at sewing! :) No, I’m not having a baby :( {maybe soon} But my friends/customers had a little girl :) I also made 3 burp clothes with a fabric trim. The baby is a month old and.. these still sit in my locker! :) Maybe I will see them Sunday! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sand between our toes

I seriously just spent like 545 hours trying to put all the pictures up from this weekend. I also just realized how late in the week it was and that my other posts didn’t well… post :( So I’m going to hunt those down and post them too. They are good ones :) Anyways, Long Beach was the best vacation in a while! :) We got up at the crack of dawn and made coffee, got ready and headed to Super1 for ice. We were almost on the freeway when I realized we forgot the griddle and the money that I had gotten out so we could have cash and control the spending a little. We ended up being a half hour late for getting on the road! Oh well! :) It was our vacation and we were trying out best not to be stressed out.


I’m definitely singing Taylor Swift with my FAV. coffee cup!

DSCF9667 - Copy  I was the navigator too.. and then we got lost.

DSCF9665 - Copy They played Danger Zone on the radio. We love Top Gun!

DSCF9669 - Copy (2)

Oregon Feet!

We got lucky and Long Beach was hosting a sand creation contest! It was so cool to see how they started and what the end product looked like. There were A LOT but I only took pictures of the ones I really liked :)

 DSCF9684 - CopyDSCF9693 - Copy DSCF9686 - Copy DSCF9687 DSCF9691 - Copy

DSCF9699 - Copy

I thought I would show them up with my giraffe. I’m thinking about entering next year. You know, show them how it’s REALLY done.. DSCF9694 - Copy DSCF9695 - Copy

We hung out a little downtown Long Beach. It was kind of lame, you know since the shops are ALL the same, but we made the best of it. I convinced everyone to play putt-putt :) Susan and I found this great cut out. She tried to eat me.

 DSCF9701 - Copy DSCF9718 - CopyDSCF9705 - CopyDSCF9709 - Copy  DSCF9716 - Copy DSCF9723 - CopyThere is a place called Scoopers that sells 6 dollar ice cream and since the children {Susan and Mike} had to have ice cream.. we ended up with 10 dollar ice cream. So much for cash control.

DSCF9735 - Copy DSCF9736 - Copy   DSCF9750 - Copy

The next day, we went hiking around to look for the light houses. We saw 2 of them and they were gorgeous. It’s so interesting to think that people actually had to live there and light them everyday. We ended up with beautiful weather the whole trip! It was amazing to have sunny and not so windy weather at the beach!

DSCF9758 DSCF9766   DSCF9769 - Copy

DSCF9841 DSCF9781 - Copy DSCF9802 DSCF9805 - Copy DSCF9808 - Copy DSCF9810 - Copy DSCF9812 - Copy 

Do you remember drift wood guns?!  We all found some pretty awesome ones! DSCF9827 DSCF9828 - Copy DSCF9830

This is my ladies Smith and Wesson and Adrian found a bazooka! :)

DSCF9831 DSCF9837

On the way back, we stopped by Fort Canby. It was awesome!! They let you go in and out of the fort and it was AWESOME! I’m such a history buff, so when I get to experience it first hand, it totally rocks my world!

 DSCF9846 - Copy DSCF9847 DSCF9856

Inside the eatery

DSCF9857 DSCF9859DSCF9862DSCF9861 

I’m so proud of the soldiers for having such organizational shelving 

DSCF9868 DSCF9872

We went back to camp for lunch, and to put on our bathing suits. And we talked about going back to Dead Mans Cove and relaxing on the beach. Susan and I filled a nalgen bottle with Wine :)

DSCF9873 DSCF9878 


DSCF9902 DSCF9903  



We made up Beach Olympics! We did joisting, javelin and spot throwing! It was a blast!

DSCF9914 DSCF9916 DSCF9917DSCF9882

We went home on Monday afternoon. It was WAAAY too long of a drive! But we picked up Olivia from Grandma’s and made it home safely! :)







Oh wow.. look at those arms.. I mean umm..


It was such a great trip! Thanks Mom for taking care of Olivia :) We owe you big time! :) :)