Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Sorry I have been MIA. I’ve been busy.. kissing this boy :)

More posts soon, I promise <3

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Green Monster

Angela, at Oh She Glows is such an inspiration. She is so full of life and has tons of great food ideas and exercise tips and tricks. Anyways, she makes these Green Monster smoothies. I finally got up the guts to try one. I made one after my kick-butt workout with Jillian. It was sooo yummy! You couldn’t even taste the spinach!

This was my recipe:

  • 2 big handfuls of spinach
  • 1 banana
  • 1 mango
  • 1 T. peanut butter
  • 1/2 C. yogurt

green monster I put it in my sundae cup, I felt better about it ;)

Now i’m off to Fred’s for some almond breeze and hemp powder :)

PS. I did 10 pushup today!! REAL ONES!! I’m a rock star.

you know that I could use somebody.. someone like you..

Not having my digital camera SUCKS. I hate ittt. “Hey Mom…Mom? You can send my cord anytime now..” I feel my life is lacking and I’m tired of buying disposables. I guess I don’t HAVE to buy them, but what is Olivia does something incredibly, ridiculously cute {um, everyday of her life} and I don’t catch it on film!? I will be the worst. momma. ever. 

Dear Mr. Voyager camera, I love you. Even though your other half is a piece of shitake mushroom.

1babygirl433968jqv5rdp8m9 Miss Priss. favorite. picture. ever.

Anyways, I’ve been kind of down. I’m feeling chubby, I need new highlights, I want to get my nails done and I shouldn’t be eating a reeses after I get off work.. whatever. You know what makes me feel wonderful!? Shopping, sundresses and sunshine! Oh.. and my Hubby, and daughter… ;)

                        61305325-02 58248412-02 59686504-01 

Forever 21. I love you. I hate your extremely slow shipping and processing.. but I love your sundresses. The last pink one is a large, but it was super good deal and I can always take it in if I need too. I got mediums in the other two. I have Momma boobs and I sometimes worry about over exposure of the girls. Even though my BFF and I are cleavage sisters.  

V272506 59506549-07 

I also love, these 2 models. the first one is VS {duh} and the this cute blonde girl is from forever21. Just by looking at them, I already know I wanna be their friends. We would totally go to the beach and shop on the boardwalk and take funny pictures.. yea we would be BFF :) {that bathing suit may or may not be here after 07/07/09}

Oh and I don’t know how many times I can listen to Kings of Leon. My top 3 are Use Somebody, I Want You, and Sex is on Fire. It makes me feel edgy.

Okay, now I have to go be productive. My To-Do:

  1. Let Jillian kick my ass..
  2. Clean up the house
  3. Put final touches on June Swap. I <3 America!
  4. Pack for MEGANS!!!!!!
  5. sew, sew, sew.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


*Facts about Ashlee*

  • She wishes she was a better runner
  •  heart-11‘s the rain, best.
  • madly in heart-11 with her hubby
  • bakes when she’s upset
  • runs with she is pissed off… or when she doesn’t want to deal
  • dreams about her ex boyfriends
  • heart-11‘s  sex as much as men do
  • good kisser *
  • Hates TV but cant put the remote down
  • addicted to shopping
  • has the most beautiful daughter
  • wouldn’t trade sticky kisses for anything in the world
  • growing up to be a better mommy everyday
  • coffee and ice tea run through my veins
  • melts when any man calls her “Ma’am or darlin’ ”

*this is a fact.

Now for some old school goodness.. some of my favorite pictures. 

         1405269691_l 1294118903_l1034959661_l   l_3799228b96b1eb204c5415caeab0f0bc

Thursday, June 18, 2009



This is my Gretchen! I love her. She is the complete opposite of me! She likes stars, I like hearts. She likes black and red, I like pink! But we both LOVE crafts. It’s a fact. Oh, and Target. Anyways, I get the worst news in the universe this week.. SHE IS MOVING TO PENNSLYVANIA!!!!!! I’m so sad, I could really cry :( PA is 2,565 miles away. That is 1 day and 15 hours if you drive straight through. {thanks Google Maps!} I hate you, Pennsylvania. I’m coaching her to have a baby, she and I have the same temperament and fears. *sigh* I don’t wanna talk about it anymore :( :( :(

In other news, and better happy news. My best friend from elementary school is coming to Olympia!! I haven’t seen her in 12 years!! She is adorable. Her baby Kenzie is adorable. I’m so excited to see her again! I’m going to take about 535 pictures! :)

AND! Then, I get to see my BFF Megs!! I’m spending the night at her house friday after I go to Traci, to keep my sanity from being in the car for 6 hours in one day. I love her the most. IBLWY ;)



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tagged :)

I was tagged by Allison! Makes me feel like I’m part of the cool kid club ;)

01.) Open you first photo folder
02.) Now scroll down to the 10th photo
03.) Post that photo and story on your blog
04.) Tag five other blogger friends to do the same!

Olivia 008 This was family photo day. Well actually I think it was more Olivia photo day. It was freezing outside in the fall and we were trying to get pictures of Olivia. I like to pose her next to the fence and take her picture. It’s a fact. I did it when she was 6 months old the first time, and the picture looked professional, I'm serious! {searching for said picture}  See the first one, I made about 50 wallets and gave it to everyone I knew. It was a great photo. The other 2.. not so great. She became mobile and didn’t want to stand in one spot anymore. What was I thinking?! Teaching her how to walk.. crazy Momma.

Autumn_007Olivia 010     DSCF8873 

I don’t have too many blogger friends so I tag, my BFF Megs :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I have to confess :(

Dear Jillian.

I’ve been cheating on you. Don’t worry, it’s not with someone else. I could never do that to you. I’ve been cheating on you with yummy twisted peach iced tea{peach absolut, ice tea}, mint chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate cream pie.

downsized_0616090556[1]I know! Right now, you are thinking "Buddy, what is going on?”  Honestly, a lot. But I know that is not an excuse. I have no excuse for my lack of motivation. Even though I seem to have enough motivation to make my chubby butt a slice of pie. ;) I cant even point my finger somewhere else, because you see, my sweet and loving husband asks me everyday if I’ve shredded. I tell him no, everyday. So he took me out to buy me hand weights. We got the 3 pounds one. Hey, it’s progress from 1 lb veggie refried beans. I cant blame sweet Olivia because she is oh so sweet and her chubby thighs are delicious.

I can only blame myself. I guess I start all over again today. I’m up at the crack of dawn, and I’m ready to be your “buddy” again and kick my own ass. Thanks for understanding, and for your annoying little sly comments…

&hearts; Ash

PS. It wont happen again.. I’ll make my hubby eat the pie and ice cream. He has the metabolism of a 8 year old boy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where are you??

So I have mistakenly left my sweet battery charger to the digital camera at my Momma’s. You know what the means?  A dead camera and a missing ligament. :( So I’m up for a challenge, I love any kind of challenge. I’m #1!

Here it is. I’m buying 2 disposables.. yes, disposables and I’m taking them with me everywhere. I’ll just keep them in my purse and when one runs out, i’ll use the other one. I’m gonna document my week and see what I come up with. I can get them developed at Snapfish and they will even publish them online so I don't have to scan 45647 pictures :) I’m pretty much stoked for this whole thing… And then I’m sending my mom 6 bucks to send me my cord back :(

Here is an oldie but goody {like my teachers use to say}

100_1518My sweet bug getting into the reeses.  Look how little she is!

Okay, that’s it for now! I’m off to Fred Meyers for the camera’s and a fathers day present! :)


Friday, June 12, 2009

Survivor – Pantry Style!

So Mike and I, we like to eat. And we like to eat good food! But we go to the grocery store every Tuesday and spend at least 75 dollars on food. So this month we are playing Survivor – Pantry style. Here are the rules and regulations:

  1. No grocery shopping this month. The only exception is fresh produce from the farmers market and milk
  2. We have to finish almost everything from the pantry.
  3. We must use alternatives or make our own snacks.
  4. Put the money we would of spent every week, into savings.
  5. No more debit cards/check books at work, to avoid sneaky spending
  6. Brown bag it! Or .. a cute gift bag for your lunch!

I’m pretty excited about this challenge. I took pictures of our food storage areas so you can actually see that we wont be starving.


Cupboard in the kitchen, chest freezer, the snack shelf in the garage, the “pantry” shelf in the garage, and our fridge.

I love my mornings. I know I talk about them a lot, but I cant help it. I love waking up early with my coffee. It makes for such a smoother morning with Olivia and I. Lately I’ve been lovin’ yogurt and fruit. It’s such a great breakfast packed full of goodness. And berries are in season, which makes them cheap! I stir in flax seed too for extra boost! :)


DSCF9334 DSCF9335


See, a happy Mommy makes a happy baby in the morning!

Okay, so I’ve been working out, but I just came across this amazing clothing accessory! It’s called My Hip T I was a little sketch (see Allison!) but I thought I would try it. It was 20 bucks and came with free shipping. I was in. Now it seems a little weird, but listen. I have the worst crack! All. the. time! This totally keeps my hips and lower back from showing. (if would also be good if you have a tramp stamp from college and don't want the office to see??) And it keeps in the muffin top! You know, the one we are working off? Yea, that one! Look how cute it looks under a tank. You cant even tell you are wearing something else under your shirt, and you don’t have the extra layer (kind of?) for the summer. There are other colors but I went with white and lace because that’s kind of a staple in my wardrobe. My only con is that when I sat down, it scrunched up a little bit, so when I stood up, I had to do that “I need to look perfect” pull up, and sometimes I felt like i was wearing pregnancy pants.. but I got over that!

**look at those abs! YES! JK

DSCF9339 DSCF9338

Okay, so now i have to let Jillian glare at me because I ate cookies for dinner and I had WAY too much alcohol this weekend. Later Gators!


PS! Google "Live Writer" for Windows. It's amazing. It's the best blogging tool ever. No more annoying slow photo uploads. It's like microsoft word and you round the corners of the photos and everything. Why did I not know about this before!? Blogging just because even more easy!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Writers Workshop.. a day late ;)

Dear Grocery Store Customers:

I thought that I would share with you some helpful facts, and tidbits to get you through your day, I know that it must be SO hard for you to get up out of your la-z-boy chair and come to the store for your beer... but, just listen:

1. Let's try a little harder with your appearance: Like I said before, I know it's hard to even get up, but can you at least put in your chompers? I cant understand you with your lips curled up into your mouth. And maybe, just maybe all the ladies out there that have birthed a few precious babies even the ones that seem to have not befriended gravity, would you mind just putting on a bra? This isn't the 70's, there isn't a feminist movement, the only movement I see are "the girls."

2. I have to ask you "Paper, plastic or reusable" It's my job. Please, be nice to me and let me finish my statement. I'm being watched like a hawk, and if I don't finish my statement.. my name goes on the list. It is very RUDE to interrupt people.

3. For the love of God, please shower. bathe. go out into the river and wash. I hate the smell of alcohol. smoke and ass.

4. Get off your damn cell phone. I think this applies to every place with customers. I have things I have to ask you {remember, I'm being watched} If you are on your phone, I cant pretend to care about how your day is or which bag your want me to slam your groceries into.

5. Let's not try and be clever. You aren't funny. I have heard every single line there is.

Me: "Did you get everything you needed?"
Butthead: "And then some.. HAHAHAH"

Me: "Paper, plastic, or reusable"
Butthead Clown: "yes"
"I'm bi-sacksual" {that one actually made me laugh}

6. My job, if it isn't too busy, is to stand out in front of my check stand and wait for you to come around. I have to ask if you found everything and if you are ready to get out of the damn store. This isn't death-con 4. Please. Do not zero in on me. Stand in front of me until I make eye contact with you or smile at you. You aren't that cute.. and if me smiling at you gets you going or whatever.. get out. i don't want you in my store anyways.

7. If your child is running rampant ALL over the store. And is screaming. There is a good chance, I'm going to be grumpy with you. I understand the bad days, the no nap thing {hey, I have a baby girl too} but if that is how they always are.. please. leave. give them to the zoo.

8. No, I don't think you are attractive.

9. If it doesn't ring up on sale, and the tag that is sitting RIGHT under it says it's not on sale. It's not on sale. I cant give you a discount because you are being nice. I WONT give you a discount if you are going to be a complete bitch to me because YOU CANT READ. If the box is dented, mushed or has a scratch on it. You wont get a discount.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and understanding that joys of my job. I hope that you have a great day and thanks for stopping in! See ya later!

Regards, Your favorite Checker.

PS. A big shout to the "regulars", the ones that are nice and take the time to ask me how MY day is. The ones that care, and tell me my hair looks pretty. You guys rock my world. My "boyfriends" thanks for making me smile, you know who you are ;) The cute and sassy ladies, I like you the most.

**Thanks Kat, if I was good at linking & html, there would be a link right here {...}

Monday, June 8, 2009

My weekend :)

{Picture heavy}
I went and stayed over at my parent's house and celebrated my baby cousins graduation! She made it! We ate dinner at The Rock. I enjoyed a very yummy Electric Peach Ice tea and got my very own half of the pizza. Without meat, of course. It was so yummy. white sauce, pesto, sundried tomatoes and onions.
My cousin Fayleea. The graduate.

Take 01.

Take 02. Nice job Daddy.

My other cousin Markie. We laughed the whole graduation.
Thank goodness she was there!
"Hey Fayleea, Guess what?!"
"You graduated!"
Saturday, we went to Aunty and Uncles house for a BBQ and larges amounts of alchohol. .That was a blast. Just really good family time. I got to meet my brothers first serious girlfriend! She is amazing and so damn beautiful. And anyone that can put up with my brother, is a saint in my book. :)
Corinna, Mel, Fayleea Me!

The lady in the middle is my Aunty.

My beautiful sister, Mel

I spent most of the gradation tearing out these damn letters.
We had just enough letter for all of us to stand up and yell her name!
It was fun and I think I did a pretty good job!
My Bubba!
He isn't usually that serious. Silly Brother!

My gorgeous Aunty.

LOL! Corinna. She was ALL about the pictures this weekend.
She is gorgeous. I didn't mind!

PS. How cute are they!!
Look at that smirk on my brothers face.
he. loves. her.
I ♥ him.

My babycakes! ;) He looked so HOT.

I guess the kitchen was the new dance floor..
.. 3 or 4 drinks later..
Sunday morning. We were all hung over, but Momma made some amazing breakfast and we all recouperated quick! Then we headed back to the Burg. It was all really fun. Mike and I get to spend the day together again today and do grown up stuff. Laundry, Grocery Shopping and making dinner :) I cant wait!