Thursday, August 21, 2008


The new and improved swiffer
She does a better job
Buy her now for the low 18 year installments of just $19.99

And my Daddy would be so proud of me being green.{haha} I'm making coffee sleeves :) It's better then the cardboard ones and they are prettier :)

Dont worry, everyone I know is getting one for x-mas :)

That's it for now.

God Bless


PS. <~~New pictures of Olivia. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

scrappin' fun && hiking fun!

I finally did it!
I finally started Ms. Olivia's scrapbook! This is the first page. I'm up for any grandma's wanting to send me picutres... I think i'm missing like the whole first hour of her life. Way to go Ash. But here it is! I thought I would share. There is a pull out behind the white square that had a letter I wrote to Olivia in november. I thought it was special and she should have it.

I love buttons.
precious baby girl ribbon.

Also, Mike and I decided to be pro-active and went hiking up to the falls. It's not a very rugged hike, but I felt like I was going to die.. I front packed Olivia in and he packed her out. Thank goodness! And it was the first time we got to use our camel packs {{Thanks Heather!!}}

The over growth!! Mike and I think they aren't taking care of the trails like they use too.. :(

He only thinks he is sexy...

I love this picture.

This must be the excited face..

Backpack in action! or.. a lame excuse for hubby to take a picture of my butt..

Monday, August 11, 2008

Over the river and through the woods

To huckleberry pickin' we go!

Susan, Adrian and I got a bug yesterday afternoon to pick some huckleberrys. They were pretty few and far between. Early? Maybe. Bears ate them all? Probably. But, either way, we had a great time! Olivia even helped Aunt Susan. She mostly picked leaves and tried to stuff them in her mouth before Aunty could catch her, but she laughed and smiled the whole time. Except for this face...
I believe it's the face of shame. That her Momma lied to her when she said that Huckleberry pickin' was SO MUCH fun... ;)

It was beautiful up at Cle Elem River camp. It was overcast, but I cant believe the growth of the vegitation! Spots where we usually went, didn't look familiar anymore. Oh well, I guess that what happens when you and the forest get older :(

I took some great shots of Olivia the other day. Trying to capture her small delicate features. Praying that I dont blink and the next thing I know, she is off to college.

I think they turned out great. One day I will get my super snazzy camera and take pictures of everything. But for right now, the fuji works great. If Mike would find the book on it, I think I could take ever BETTER pictures.

Olivia is sitting up without the wobbles for longer periods of time. I think it's great. She is so much happier sitting on her bottom then laying down. :) Just a better view. :) Since she is sitting up, Daddy can FINALLY put her on his shoulders. He has wanted to do that since she was born. :) That is even a better view! :)

She truely is a special girl. So much, she loves the fan blowing on her and thinks it is the funniest thing! :) She laughs and giggles. It is adorable.

God Bless!!


Friday, August 8, 2008

a weeks recap.

My Mom came over for a couple of days! It was a lot of fun! :) We got to go shopping and stamp and just hang out! I miss her a lot when she leaves :(

Olivia starting to crawl!! :) It is the coolest thing to watch. She get's a little frustrated and pouts a little but mostly she thinks she is cute :) Pretty soon, I will have a mobile girl! Watch out world :) I guess that means I have to keep the living room clean.. eek.

While Mom was here, Mike and I got to go on a date! We have been trying to go to Lions Rock to see the sunset all summer, but it just so happens that the sunset usually sets when Olivia is sleeping so that made it tough! Well I planned the whole night! :) We let Mom take care of Olivia and bought her chinese as a brib and off we went! [With chow mein and sweet and sour chicken in stow] On our way up there I was talking to Mike saying how I wish the Elk were up here and we didn't think we would see any but as we were watching a timber tiger cross the road HOLY MOLEY! Here come 5 different bucks [i dont know the difference between all of them..] and this cute guy just stared at us! He was SO cool! I love being outdoors for this reason! Just beautiful!
It was just awesome! We made up all the way up to the top just in time! We got to sit and eat our chinese on a blanket :) It was good to just be able to sit down and not have a care in a world. Mike and i got to talk for the first time it seemed like all week. We got to sit and kiss and laugh

and just be together! What is better than that!? Last time we were up there, It was before I pregnant and before we were even "together" just dating I guess. So this was special and to look back on how much has changed in the last year. I'm more in love than I have ever been. He is my everything. My rock. :)

The sunset was just beautiful. Orange and pink splashed the sky and it was just perfect. It reminds me how I love Ellensburg. You can get that pretty anywhere else. Our little town. :)

We got a couple good pictures. Ha! But taking a picture together and actually liking it was whole other story!

Take .01

Take .02Take .03


We got to see even more deer && elk on the way back! They were so close! There were a couple that were further away and there were two 6 points! [yea, i do know THAT!] And a couple doe's too! :) It was just all around a beautiful date.

Here's the big girl sitting up! :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just some random stuff

Such a big, pretty girl! Olivia is growing like a weed. :( I cant help but wish that I could grasp the time and make it stop. She is such a wonderful baby. She loves me! I cant help but feel one hundred percent blessed to have her in my life. This morning she sat on my lap while I surfed the internet. She had her lovey in one hand and her thumb in her mouth and she just sat. :)

She is eating Carrots now!! I dont know how to upload video or I would. [heather??] She seems to LOVE them. It's so cute when she gets all excited and moved her arms and kicks her legs. It is a success! Of course, she IS our daughter so it's only right that she LOVES food... :) :)

That's all for now... My mommy is coming over monday!!!!!!!!!! :) hooray! I love her. And Mike and I will have a date on tuesday! OooOoO! :)

God Bless!