Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I love when he's home ..

Mike has a super crazy schedule this week and next and wait.. probably for the next month!! :( So he had a random monday off!!! Which was great! I love spending time with him! Monday morning I had to work at 1 but we went to breakfast to say farewell to our friend Derrick [the old bakery manager] it was alot of fun. It just the family, which is always the BEST. They are all wonderful! I dressed up Olivia for Derrick. LOL Mike also discovered she can stand up on her own next to the couch! We clapped and cheered for her at which she got really excited and fell down on the bum. lol, but she still had a big smile on her face!

Thanks for the dress Grandma Nancy!! :) After I got the dress out of her "big girl" box i realized I should of opened it a couple months ago. She had jammies that are already almost too small [for the record, i never actually believe she would be as long as the 6 month pj's] She has all kinds of new clothes in her drawers! :) And 4 sets of dinosaur pajamas! Thanks daddy! AND! She fits in her 9m onesie set.. holy moley..

This week we also started wheat cereal! She likes it just as much! Next week, I think we are going to take the plunge and do actually food. Carrots sound yummy :)

My project next week is to start making some of her food! I'm really looking forward to it! I think she will benefit from it and we will too. It will be alot of fun. I just have to get her use to her highchair.

Mike went out and about for a little bit, while Olivia was napping. He came home fairly happy which means he did something! He meets me in the kitchen and shows me his fuel injector stuff? and our printer paper and goes "I bought a tent" and after the fiasco at Bi-Mart I didnt think we would ever get our tent. Well he got the 6 person one instead! We got this baby for 72 bucks! We had nothing better to do yesterday then put it up! It was so easy to do and probably only took a good 10 minutes! :) It had ALOT of room inside, it should its 14ft long....

For the record, a small human can fit through that "doggie" door.. OH and the silly thing is, there is an extension cord slot on the side of the tent incase Mike really needs a cold beer, he can have his mini fridge set up inside.... lol

Over all, it will work perfect for all of us. And when we have another little bug, her/him and Olivia can have one side and we can have the other. :) So these next couple weeks, Mike and I are trying to go camping for a night! :) And I will admit one of the reason I wanted to put it up so bad was so I could see his cute bum...

{I can hear my mom now, "Ashlee, I dont want to know this"} HAHAHAH! LOVE YOU MOM!

God Bless!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some random stuff

Mike and I went to Yakima yesterday. We are in the market for a new desk for the computer so I can have my scrapbooking table back. We went all over and still didnt find one. Oh well, I will keep checking craigs list and garage sales. We did see this SUPER cute hat at Target for Olivia that I wanted to get her, I think I will wait til it goes on clearance. It's spf 55 and it looked SO cute on her. They had aqua socks that matched and a little swimmer shirt too!! Mike and I had a fun time! Spent too much money but really enjoyed being together. He even walked down all the aisles with me! He is too good! :)
I got some great frames for the living room and Olivia hat/mitten set for winter that is brand new and from Old Navy. It's cute and red and she looks cute in it and I think it's big enough to last her all winter! :) So garage sales weren't half bad :)
Now it's off to cut Hubby's hair :) I'm a pro! LOL
God Bless!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun Fun FUN!!

I'm super proud of this layout I did!!! It's actually going to go into a frame for my wall in the living room. I love it. That is a picture of Olivia when she was only a few hours old. It is precious to me because she is sleeping on my chest, and even though she is as big as I am now, she still loves to sleep like that.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

All about Olivia!

Olivia is becoming such a big girl. She knows what she likes [anything to do with mom holding her] and what she doesn't like [being put down] Her hand eye cordination is getting better and better. Right now, she is shaking her rattle to her thigh during Jack Johnson. [future tamberine player?] We have been doing rice cereal for 2 weeks now. She loves it! She gets all excited and lurches toward the spoon. She makes a mess, but it's too cute to worry about. She only gets it once a day for right now. We chose to give to her at night, when she is most happy.

She gets better at sitting up for longer periods of time. When she is laying down, she will stretch her neck up like a flamingo to try and sit up. It's pretty funny! She is more and more active now. She LOVES her hop and pop and being able to stand up and jump. Mike and I are looking for a johnny jumper to get her because I think she will like moving around a lot more. The 6th month marker is getting closer and closer and it makes me nervous. I'm going to have to start planning for 1st birthday here soon. :) :)

Blogger picture upload is being a pain, So here is the link to all the new pictures! This is my favorite one this week I think..

Olivia in her bathrobe, getting ready for a bath! She LOVES baths!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

5 things..

1. Olivia's babble. I really truely believe that she says "Hi" and tells me how she is doing when I ask

2. Music! I have to have it, if I'm ever going to clean anything, I feel like I should crank up the tunes and then work, otherwise I get bored.

3. Worship. I forget how much I love it. I love singing and praising our Lord! I may not be the best singer in the world, but if I'm singing worship, you can garantee I will belt it out!4. Matching decor. I think it's nessasary. Everything has to have a place. This never happened when I was little. Now that it's my own home, everything has to go in it's place and everything has to match.
5. My Gap! I remember begging and begging to have it fixed. But looking back, there is no way we could have afforded it. Today, I proudly smile. I love it! It's beautiful and unique and I pray that Olivia will have one and not give a damn either!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

catching up!

Mike and I got to go to Wilbur this week! It was great. Not too hot over there and Uncle Jeff was nice enough to take us boating! :) And Olivia finally got to meet her grandpa Jack and Uncle Jeff! :) The boat was great! Olivia had to wear this horrible life vest. It was poofy and uncomfortable. You would think for a mothers sanity they would make them comfy, but I guess not. It made her look like she had even bigger cheeks!! LOL Poor Girl. She did otherwise, great on the boat. Getting to the middle of the lake we were going really fast and she LOVED the wind and then when Uncle Jeff started trolling for fish, she got grumpy with him! Hopefully that doesn't mean she is going to be a speed demon... eeek.

None of us {besides olivia} had on sunblock :( yikes! I had put some on a my shoulders that morning while I was putting it on Olivia so you can DEF. tell where it is.. so we brought back with us a killer sunburn! :) Of course, Mike's had already turned brown. brat. :(

Been trying to get the house somewhat livable. I feel like i've been getting nothing done! My house is a mess. I really need to clean the nitty gritty I just cant get any motivation. I have like 6 boxes left scattered about the rooms. BLAAAAH! I dont wanna!!!

Made these 2 layouts at scrapblog! I LOVE this site!!! It really gets me in the mood to scrap. I just ordered like 175 pictures from snapfish which I hope to get today!! Then I'm sitting my butt down and getting in gear. I haven't even touched Mike and I's and Olivia's is just sitting there in the plastic... :( We will just add it to the list of "Things to do!"

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am in love with this website! How cool! You can do digi pages without Photoshop! [Heather, you could even do this!] Anyways, made this one of Olivia :) I LOVE LOVE it!!

..and we danced

Mike and I spent yesterday at our friends' Roger and Jill's wedding. It was alot of fun. I felt a little out of place being that I am not catholic, so I dont know the routine of usual mass. But I did enjoy the praises of the Lord and getting to sing worship. I love singing worship! It is always my favorite part. The wedding was beautiful and back at the reception, Mike and I got the chance to dance!! We have never danced together, and it was great. I did KINDA feel like I was back in highschool... lol I love the feeling that Mike and I were the only ones in the room and the only thing that mattered what us :)

We didn't take very many pictures of the Bride and Groom, I think we took more pictures of ourselves. That is okay right? LOL! We looked very snazzy all dressed up! Probably be the last time I ever get Mike in a tux :( He looks so handsome, he should wear them everyday!

James Bond's got nothing on you baby!

Olivia stayed at Aunt Cherl's. She was great the whole day and I dont think Cherl put her down! Oh well, she has to get spoiled every once in a while!

Thanks dad for the sour patch covered finger.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where the heart is

**Photographed by Lil' Rob. EEEK

My Parent's house. I love it there. The chaos, the fast paced atmosphere. I forget how much I have grown when I am there. And how the only thing that matters are morning talks with Mom, great big hugs from Daddy and the late night gab-fest with my sister. I miss it already.

My sister got to come over! I miss her. I miss how our laughs are in sinc and exactly the same. I cant get over how beautiful she is and how amazing of a mother she is to Lil' Rob. She was so cute when she was playing with Olivia. She had the biggest grin on her face when Olivia gave her a smile. It was so great! Olivia just loved her. She must remind Mel of me, she didnt even fuss a single bit! Hopefully my sister will be able to even out her thyroid so she can have more babies!! I need more then one nephew! :) :) :)

It was good to have us all together. On monday night, the whole family had dinner together. Sittin around the table, like we use too. It was a little surreal! I am sure Mom and Daddy were just lovin' it. We all laughed so much. Dad had his usual political stance on everything and told me I needed to be deprogrammed for being "too green" LoL! My brother commented that I didn't eat enough MEAT! [bleeeh!] and my sister and I just laughed. Like always. I love my family. Through the rough times and through the laughs and smiles. They really are all wonderful. I cant get enough of them. We still all fight and bicker [the REAL smith way.. ] but who doesn't. And it makes it alot more fun!

My brother, bless his heart. He is so great now. He loves Olivia. He loves Rob. He is the uncle that will overload Olivia on sweets and play video games with her. But I dont think I would have any other way. He is so much more fun now. He isn't grumpy like he use to be and he actually wanted to play Mario Kart with me! How cool!!! He still kicks my butt at video games but oh well! :) I still LOVED hanging out with him. He has an intensity about life that I hope he keeps. I just pray that he finds someone to love and to cherish and that one day he will get married and know true love.

By the end of the night, I think we were all in a pretty good mood. :) My sister and I ended up with underwear [clean and new] on our heads, that were my nephews! They were transformers and WAY too cool to keep in the packaging! We made Olivia get in on the action, and the whole time she gave us the "look'' that we were CrAzY! LOL!

I miss them. But I am glad to be back home with Mike. I missed him SO SO much. Before I had to go to work, we just layed on the couch. I layed on his lap and just stared at him. I'm sure he thought I was nuts. I just miss him and his kisses and that gorgeous smile. :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Pink toes. Ready for summer.

We are all moved in. Not exactly unpacked but we are slowly getting there. I'm working on doing a room a day, getting things hung up and all decorated. Hopefully in the next two weeks, I will have everything situated and figured out... :) maybe.

Today it dawned on me how big Olivia is getting. She had on a pair of jean shorts [thanks grandma rinn] and a cute striped onesie and I couldn't help but realize how fast she is growing. She can hold her head up and can ALMOST crawl. She has the movements, she just had to get cordinated..

Here she is, looking as adorable as ever. I love that little smile and that dimple. I love her eyebrows and her expressions. She is simply, the best.

Along with unpacking, I have also been card making. [I know super MOM! haha] It has been alot of fun and I'm really enjoying the "Me" time whenever Olivia gives me a minute, or when she is taking a nap. Maybe I should be unpacking but I just cant help but dig into the yummy scrap goodies.

I am super excited for tomorrow. My frend Susan and I are going to have a girl's day in Yakima. I think we are going to hit JoAnne's. I'm going to buy some scrapbooking stuff and some fabric to make Mike curtains for our bedroom. :) I also need to grab some interfacing for something I'm making for Olivia and Lydia :)

This is going to be one of the best 4th ever! I'm super excited about all the fun things that Mike and I have planned. We are going to go to a BBQ at Cherls, watch the fireworks at Ellensburg park and then we get to see Heather, Milo and Lydia on saturday! I love to keep Mike busy, poor guy :)

That's all for now. It's bed time for this chicky :)
God Bless!!