Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rocks between my toes

Mike and I brought Olivia to the lake! We took a walk to the bridge and there is a little spot where you can wade and thought that would be a great introduction to the lake for Olivia.

Dad decided to give Olivia a good ol' pep talk about how cold the water was going to be and that she shouldn't cry or she might scare the fish.. :) We put her on the cold wet rocks first and she didn't even wince. I think she liked it. Or maybe... she was just too shocked. We got her out to that little rock. Where she tried to sit down, naturally :).

She just looks so curious and awe struck. I just love her curious heart. I think I say that everyday. She didn't cry the whole time we were in the water. I think she is going to be a fish! :) My sister was a fish when she was little. She would be out in the water even if Mom called us in for dinner at the lake.

When her lip started to quiver, we decided it was time to go. She did get her little onesie a little wet, but she seemed to enjoy it. I cant wait til it gets a little warmer and she can actually get in with Dad. Mom will sit on the shore and take pictures :)

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