Thursday, July 24, 2008

All about Olivia!

Olivia is becoming such a big girl. She knows what she likes [anything to do with mom holding her] and what she doesn't like [being put down] Her hand eye cordination is getting better and better. Right now, she is shaking her rattle to her thigh during Jack Johnson. [future tamberine player?] We have been doing rice cereal for 2 weeks now. She loves it! She gets all excited and lurches toward the spoon. She makes a mess, but it's too cute to worry about. She only gets it once a day for right now. We chose to give to her at night, when she is most happy.

She gets better at sitting up for longer periods of time. When she is laying down, she will stretch her neck up like a flamingo to try and sit up. It's pretty funny! She is more and more active now. She LOVES her hop and pop and being able to stand up and jump. Mike and I are looking for a johnny jumper to get her because I think she will like moving around a lot more. The 6th month marker is getting closer and closer and it makes me nervous. I'm going to have to start planning for 1st birthday here soon. :) :)

Blogger picture upload is being a pain, So here is the link to all the new pictures! This is my favorite one this week I think..

Olivia in her bathrobe, getting ready for a bath! She LOVES baths!

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The Juenemanns said...

Look at how big little miss Olivia is getting. Isn't it crazy fast they grow? It seems like the older they get the faster they grow. Love the new page.