Thursday, July 17, 2008

catching up!

Mike and I got to go to Wilbur this week! It was great. Not too hot over there and Uncle Jeff was nice enough to take us boating! :) And Olivia finally got to meet her grandpa Jack and Uncle Jeff! :) The boat was great! Olivia had to wear this horrible life vest. It was poofy and uncomfortable. You would think for a mothers sanity they would make them comfy, but I guess not. It made her look like she had even bigger cheeks!! LOL Poor Girl. She did otherwise, great on the boat. Getting to the middle of the lake we were going really fast and she LOVED the wind and then when Uncle Jeff started trolling for fish, she got grumpy with him! Hopefully that doesn't mean she is going to be a speed demon... eeek.

None of us {besides olivia} had on sunblock :( yikes! I had put some on a my shoulders that morning while I was putting it on Olivia so you can DEF. tell where it is.. so we brought back with us a killer sunburn! :) Of course, Mike's had already turned brown. brat. :(

Been trying to get the house somewhat livable. I feel like i've been getting nothing done! My house is a mess. I really need to clean the nitty gritty I just cant get any motivation. I have like 6 boxes left scattered about the rooms. BLAAAAH! I dont wanna!!!

Made these 2 layouts at scrapblog! I LOVE this site!!! It really gets me in the mood to scrap. I just ordered like 175 pictures from snapfish which I hope to get today!! Then I'm sitting my butt down and getting in gear. I haven't even touched Mike and I's and Olivia's is just sitting there in the plastic... :( We will just add it to the list of "Things to do!"

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The Juenemanns said...

That's so cool you guys got to go out on the boat. Sorry you got burnt. Are there any pictures of little Miss Olivia in the life jacket? Sounds like she was looking pretty cute :)