Friday, October 10, 2008

forth on a friday

Today is forth on a friday. This is the forth picture in the forth file in my file. eeek. I dont even know what it could be. Of course, It's Olivia. This was taken 6/6/2008. She was ALMOST 4 months old. And looking as cute as ever. I LOVE THIS FACE. Look at those tights! And she cant even really sit up herself. I think she should wear those tights today, that outfit actually, minus that jean jumper because that was 0-3 months. My beautiful girl.

Olivia and I went shopping yesterday at Target and Craft Warehouse [mom, you are going to love it!!] She had fun in target, got a little fussy. But not until we were at the checkstand. On the way to the craft warehouse, she fell asleep and had the cutest look on her face. Nothing is sweeter than sleeping babies.
Gretchen and I had so much fun. We enjoyed being girly together without the rush of the boys.. :) Mike informed me, he LIKES going down all the aisles... as long as he is with me. How cute is he? I bought some great papr and accents! All 75% off :) I'm good at what I do.

I work saturday and I'm pretty much off the rest of the week, which is good because I have 2 craft projects in the works. A web bowl, and ghosts!! :)

God Bless!!

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