Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Do I make myspace uncool?"

LOL! this conversation went:

Ash: Myspace is soo slow and lame
Mike: I've told you this a million times
Ash: It's because everyone and their mom is on myspace, all the time. wait.. literally, even Mom's have a myspace!!
Mike: *snickers*
Ash: what!?
Mike: you're a mom, and you have a myspace...
Ash: Do I make myspace uncool?!?

LOL. I dont care what anyone says, I think I'm cool. I turn up my music on the way home from work. windows down, shades on. I'm too cool for words ;)

We have had a great couple of days. Olivia and I have done some sort of excersise. Sunday, we went running to Safeway [4 blocks] On the walk back, we found some great crunchy leaves.

She was more about eating them, than playing in them. I dont know what leaves taste like, but I'm sure Olivia does..

And the boxes of pumpkins outside the grocery store were just fantastic! I remember going to Freddy's when we were little, and my daddy telling me to crawl in the boxes towards the back, and I would climb through the pumpkins, until I found the coolest ones. [you know, the funny shaped giant ones that weighed too much] That was always a GREAT time. I took a picture of all this great orange! :) I love Fall. I love pumpkins! So beautiful!! We came home, and Daddy mowed the lawn, and the weather turned sunny and warm. I love these kind of fall days! Olivia and I sat on the grass, ate triscuits and watched Daddy mow the lawn. She ate this one triscuit for an hour. She just nibbled on it. If I would of known that eating a cracker would keep her still for a second, I would of done it a long time ago.. :) Look at this handsome man.. gorgeous.And Miss Olivia, was infatuated with the lawn mower, she would kick her legs, and get all excited when Daddy was coming towards her. And of course, it was Sunday, so we went back inside to watch Football! :) I love sunday football and watching the Seahawks. Who by the way, are totally SUCKING IT UP!! this year. Stupid Hasselbeck, throwing it ALL over the place!! And now he's out and this replacement qb isn't any better!! Sheesh.

Yes, that is my throwback seahawks sweatshirt ;)

And Olivia, found heaven in my pink yarn. She had it EVERYWHERE!

Yesterday, was the PERFECT fall day! :) It was about 60, and a little bit of a breeze. I took Olivia outside because I wanted to take better pictures of her. And she is pretty still when she is outside taking everything in. So we had a fall photoshoot ;)

Eating leaves with Daddy

And can you believe that with all this fun, i've actually had time to sit down and scrapbook? Okay, well just one page, but I love when I find a picture and it's perfect, I immediatly want to sit down and scrap it!

Here is a random sassy face.

And what is this amazing photo?! The world's BEST cupcake. I kid you not, it is delectable! The "icing" is not icinig. It is a chocolate mousse! :) Yumm.. Mike shared this with me last night.

Alright, longest blog post ever! This is a catch up of the last 2 days! :) This weekend should be great. Taking blewett pass to Wenatchee to see the colors. Costco. Getting see The Juenemanns and sweet little Lydia, Pumpkin picking and dinner with the Brady's, and hopefully getting to meet my sister in law and beautiful neice! :)

Looks like a busy weekend! Good thing all the cleaning in done around here!

God Bless!!

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megs said...

i, for one, think you're quite hip. you make myspace the best place to be.

thank you times a million for our mail! and good call sending three - that was brilliant! olive is my new bookmark :)