Monday, October 6, 2008

sicky.. :(

With what? I dont know. But I spent my morning drinking coffee, trying to get rid of the body aches and blowing my nose! I dont know why it is, but the sinus medicine i'm taking just isn't cutting it. Maybe my nose will just RUN off.. :)

Olivia actually sitting still for a quick second.

We had a great weekend with my parent's coming over on friday and staying until sunday morning. :) It was awful weather. My parent's brought the rain with them! They also brought presents! I love presents :)

Olivia and Grandpa

They gave Mike his birthday present! A Kelty Backpack for Olivia! It's snazzy red and it pretty high tech! :) I would highly recommend it. It is so light! :) Mom has all the pics of Mike wearing it, but I'm super excited to get it out on the trails. :) We planned a trip for next week :) Swauk Creek, here we come :)

Lately, Olivia hates putting clothes on... Must be the confinement. lol. She did get a new outfit this weekend and looks pretty darn cute in pink and brown.

I told Mike that they were going to call CPS on us for putting Olivia in the dryer. But look at that happy face. Maybe she is the one stealing all the sockies??

And because it wouldn't be a post without a picture of Mike and I.. here we are being silly. A glass of wine later :)

Now I must get going because olivia is crawling around the room with a bib in her mouth grunting.. maybe it's breakfast time?? LOL


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The Juenemanns said...

I hope you get feeling better soon. I'm so excited about the Kelty backpack. You guys are going to love it :)