Monday, November 3, 2008


I've been up since 2. And it's 6:45 pm. I'm so exausted. Olivia woke up hungry and wouldn't go back to sleep. I gave up trying at 4. Made a bagel and a pot of delicious coffee :) Thank God for coffee. I got to enjoy another morning with my hot baker! yess. I work on a tedious card for a sweet little girl that needs it ;) and had a suprisingly happy girl wake up from her nap. We spent the rest of the morning together hanging out and giggling. I even got to talk to my best friend in the world for an hour. It was THE BEST. Now, we will get online whenever we are on the computer, because it had been to long. {thanks megs} I had to work at 12:30, Mike watched miss bug and took that last picture of her after her nap. She was hilarious when I got home, because she was a little tired, but she was acting loopy! I was just sitting above her and she was cracking up! Laughing more then i've ever heard! It was amazing.
Now, i'm ready to snuggle with Mike and get some good sleep.
God Bless

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