Sunday, November 9, 2008


Life seems to get ahead of me. Or maybe it's the lack of time that is really the problem. The last 2 weeks have been kinda hectic. It has been the same routine everyday. Wake up at 5, play with Olivia til Mike gets home at 11, get ready for work, work 12:30-5:30, come home, get everyone ready for bed. Bedtime at 7. Then we start all that over again. Notice there is no Mike and Ash time? It sucks. But here are some pictures to get you caught up on us.
it has been a yucky all week here. Secretly, I love to turn off the TV and listen to the rain fall.This proves that Olivia is our daughter. Here she is double fisting the halloween candy. Dont worry she couldn't actually get the wrappers open

Olivia has finally gotten over her cold. this is us booger sucking the snot out ;)
She has officially 3 teeth. 2 bottom and 1 top and is now cutting the other top one. And guess what? She has a gap ;)
Putting miss muffet to bed :)

3 days til my birthday. We found a babysitter, so we are going out for drinks on my birthday at the Starlight. I'm pretty excited for my my day! :) I even found my birthday ribbon! Then it's off to Tumwater to spend time with my best friend in the world. It's been long over due and dont think there wont be a camera FULL of pictures of us! The next morning, I'm heading up to Port Orchard for some GREAT family time. Maybe Mom will get a chocolate cream pie for my birthday ;) *hint*hint* My sister is coming over too!!! :) Oh man, I'm so excited!

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megs said...

fiiiiive days!!!! i've been telling everyone. i'm so stoked! i even bought girlfriend/scrapbook stickers so i can scrap us scrapping! we're too much.

i cant wait to see that sweet little smile and her gap :)