Monday, January 12, 2009

2 cups of coffee down already??

And I still have a full pot. I'm loving this morning. I'm listening to Pandora Radio. Drinking Coffee and reading blogs.. ahhh sweet bliss!
We had a wonderful day yesterday. It was warm outside! it would of been warmer but the ellensburg wind decided to join us on our trip to the park. Susan and Adrian got to come with up too!! We walked to the park all bundled up to the brave the elements :) We got to swing on the baby swings, teeter tottered with susan, and then played on the big girl swings. Olivia loved every part of it! She was so happy the whole time. Who wouldn't be? Swings are the best thing ever! I forgot that I get extremely swing-sick on them.. So Mommy just took pictures and swayed a little.
**maybe a little swing picture overload, but she is so beautiful and happy. I cant help it ;)
She enjoyed riding the teeter totter pony with Aunty Susan and Uncle Ad
rian. I cant wait for them to give me babies! They are going to be amazing parents. They have so much love to give :)

And what's this? A moment of sweetness? Olivia is actually letting someone hold her and eat..;)

Do you ever get tired of our faces ;) That's all for now. I'm sure my bliss will end soon with a hungry girl.

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The Juenemanns said...

Next time the girls are in the same zip code, we have to try and get them together to swing. Looks like both of them love it :)