Sunday, March 8, 2009

"romantic mama"

Today, I miss my sister. My beautiful sister Melissa. I never called her Melissa, unless I was super mad at her. I called her Melly. Now, it's just Mel or sissy.
Growing up, she and I never got along! We shared a room. It was inevitable. I was always too messy, she was too bossy. Sometimes though, when the moon was full, we played dolls and house together. We played cops and robbers outside too. She was the BEST hider. I still dont know where she hid! Friday nights were always my favorite! She and I would get the emergency candles from under the sink and have a special sister dinner. We called it "Romantic Mama" It usually consisted of cinnamon toast, and orange juice in a champange glass. We would make a toast and I would always says "you are the best sister I ever had" and she would come back with "Ash, i'm your only sister..."

When my brother moved out, she and I finally got our own rooms. We slowly started to realize that we had more in common than we thought. We were both doing that akward, "i'm trying to find the man of my dreams in highschool" and trying to NOT fit in. (we were unique ;) ) We both LOVE really bad movies like Cry Baby, Grease and Dirty Dancing. (ps. they aren't bad to our standards, but everyone else..) We have the same exact laugh, I love her laugh. I love how our laughs echo through a room.

I miss my sister.

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megs said...

this made me cry. funny how sisters can do that to you. (and strangely enough, my word verification word is "hally"... that's a little bizarre)