Thursday, April 2, 2009

catch up .. or ketchup?

My sister Mel and my Mom got to come over for 3 days!! It was so much fun! I'm so excited that my sister could make it over!! I got to meet my new nephew, Degan. Isn't he the sweetest!? He is such a serious baby. He loved looking around and taking everything in. I love cuddling him and taking his sweet baby smell in. Olivia wasn't too sure about him. He wanted to play with him. But she was very gentle and even "petted" him. She would walk away from us and check on him to make sure he was still in the same spot she left him.

My beautiful and patient sister! She is such a great Mommy. He looks just like her! He is fair skinned and has the most beautiful blue eyes! I got to play with the camera a little bit and take some pictures of Degan. He was so easy. He just layed there and looked at me.

I even got a smile..

Mom, Mel and I made easter egg wreaths! Browsing through blogs, I came across Cindi's blog. ( She had a GREAT tutorial on make these wreaths out of plastic eggs! They turned out SO cute. Mine didn't end up with a bow, i couldn't find just the right ribbon, so I'm waiting.

My beautiful Sister and Mom

My sister was getting SO mad at the grass you had to stuff between the eggs. It was hilarious!
How cute are we!?! .. oh our wreaths are cute too! :) Mel's is Jelly Beans! Mom and I just stuck with eggs :)

A big thanks to my Hubby for letting all these women crash his house! I love you Baby! You are the best!! :)

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megs said...

olive needs her own baby to pet...

i want my own easter egg wreath! but probably next year, when i'm not three weeks away from my wedding, right?