Friday, May 8, 2009

He's my Pete Mitchell :)

Mike asked me out on a date Wednesday. We had campus and a walk along the river planned but it was rainy and windy in Ellensburg. He suprised me, told me to cover my eyes which I did for 5 seconds and we went to Yakima to have Olive Garden. We had a great time! We had a fun waiter and a great time talking, and being a couple again..

This is what happens when your husband makes fun of your photography skills. He says, I never include him and it's always half his head.. pshhh

We were in the DANGER ZONE!

We stopped at the lookout of Ellensburg on the way home. It was beautiful. There were clouds all around us except in our little valley.. mostly we just wanted makeout ;)

It was a great night except when we realized we left our super yummy eggplant parm. on the table at the resturant.. *sigh*

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