Wednesday, May 20, 2009

let's have a look..

Let's talk about this suitcase, I call a purse, or is it suppose to be called a "handbag"? I'm not so posh. Anyways, my Daddy kinda always pushed the purse thing. I dont really know why. I remember being like 7 and carrying around teal Mickey Mouse pouch. It's not like I had much to carry except some strawberry lipsmackers and my "to-go" journal. Anyways, I carry this much crap with me on a day to day basis. I'm only missing a diaper, liv's sunscreen, some snacks (for me & liv)

Let's see..
  • My summer purse. It's white. huge. && from Target. NICE!
  • I ♥ that wallet. I buy a million wallets. This is my FAVORITE. for now.
  • princess baby wipes, deoderant, smelly lotion, tissues
  • GUM! mint for me. melon for Mike :)
  • that cute green clutch, (I wish there was a better pic) full of bandaids, tweezers, tide to go, that kind of stuff..
  • My little notebook. Usually full of lists.
  • 4 lipsticks/glosses. all dark red.
  • cell phone
  • & 5 pens and a couple window markers so I can tag your car! My favorite!
  • umm...where are my keys???

1 comment:

megs said...

if your keys are missing, then so is my house key. it is orange... FIND IT.