Monday, June 1, 2009

I've started ..

Dear Jillian Michael;

Today, I hate you. I can barely move my eyebrows. Your workout kicked my ass, to say the least. I'm sorry I had to work out with Mandarin Oranges. I dont have weights yet. ;) This is the picture of me after. Hot and sweaty and I feel like B.A.M.F! 29 more days of you being my workout date.. i'm down!

xo! ♥ Ash

PS. Thanks Allison! :) I may need you in a week! :)


megs said...

i hope you enjoy eating those oranges after you work out with them :)

Allison said...

Haha! I laughed out loud about the mandarin oranges!! I know exactly how you feel. I just got finished working out, but I'm on day 5 and it's soooo much easier!! Good luck Sweetie!