Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tagged :)

I was tagged by Allison! Makes me feel like I’m part of the cool kid club ;)

01.) Open you first photo folder
02.) Now scroll down to the 10th photo
03.) Post that photo and story on your blog
04.) Tag five other blogger friends to do the same!

Olivia 008 This was family photo day. Well actually I think it was more Olivia photo day. It was freezing outside in the fall and we were trying to get pictures of Olivia. I like to pose her next to the fence and take her picture. It’s a fact. I did it when she was 6 months old the first time, and the picture looked professional, I'm serious! {searching for said picture}  See the first one, I made about 50 wallets and gave it to everyone I knew. It was a great photo. The other 2.. not so great. She became mobile and didn’t want to stand in one spot anymore. What was I thinking?! Teaching her how to walk.. crazy Momma.

Autumn_007Olivia 010     DSCF8873 

I don’t have too many blogger friends so I tag, my BFF Megs :)

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Allison said...

Oh I love your pictures!

I put an award for you on my blog!