Friday, July 24, 2009

Rest of the film..

I think I’m hooked on this whole film idea. Maybe not all the time, but just when we go somewhere fun or out of the norm. I really love the look of most of the photos. Some of them, i go “what the heck!?” but I really love them!

One of our favorite places to go is Lions Rock. I don’t really quite know the origin of the place. Let me tell you, there is no lion shaped rock. That’s what I thought, when Mike took me there for the first time. I looked at him and said “Where’s the lion rock!?” No.. it’s just an old military seal on a rock…  But, it’s above the valley and the sunset is breathtaking.


No, I’m not filling a dinosaur thermos with Franzia. Don't judge me.


This is the seal on the rock. or the “lions rock”

work Isn’t my work uniform flattering?! I secretly love it. Then, they changed it to army green. WTH?!


benstiller zoolander2main “You are ridiculously good looking. You should do it professionally.”


Olivia LOVES to go “bye bye” My favorite part is that she gathers all her friends {doggie, waddles the penguin, giraffe, and dinosaur} and her blankie! We’ve limited to one friend and the blankie. My arms aren’t that big!


How freakin’ cute is she!!



shoesCan you believe that I made these!?!? I used this pattern and totally rocked it! The pattern was so easy and I suck at sewing! :) No, I’m not having a baby :( {maybe soon} But my friends/customers had a little girl :) I also made 3 burp clothes with a fabric trim. The baby is a month old and.. these still sit in my locker! :) Maybe I will see them Sunday! :)


Lace said...

You look like you are in complete love with everything in your life!(I'm speaking of all of the posts I've read!) That is so refreshing! You have such a beautiful family(& a rockin' bod!GO YOU! haha!)

Allison said...

those are the cutest little baby shoes. you did a great job. i'm impressed!

Priscilla said...

those little shoes are tooo cute...:)