Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh say can you seeeeee


I drew on our garage with sidewalk chalk :)

  DSCF9363 DSCF9369 

It’s been super hot here and the only thing that sounds like fun is cooling off in the lake. Olivia loved it until she slipped and fell in face first. Let me tell you, I was biting my nails the WHOLE time she was in the water! :( I get so nervous that something is going to happen to my sweet girl, even if her Daddy is right next to her! PS. I use to rock this bathing suit in 1990. Mom found it in her keep‘um box.


This is what I do when Olivia is napping. I love soaking up the sun and yes, I was on Twitter


 DSCF9411 DSCF9413 DSCF9420DSCF9424DSCF9415  DSCF9419   DSCF9436

And this is what we did last night! We didn’t end up at the fireworks at the park but we saw them just as good from the front lawn, and it wasn’t nearly as loud of miss Olivia’s ears. We enjoyed super yummy root beer floats and Olivia got to stay up waaaaaay past her bedtime. The sunset was gorgeous and Olivia was in a great mood. We only had 1 timeout for Olivia, because she wasn’t listening and walking behind our chairs. She ALREADY plays deer in the headlights when you are talking to her, oh lord! We set up the tent and slept outside. Olivia did great! She only woke up once at 3 and I just had to put her back on her bed. And then Daddy had to get us all more blankies because it was FREEZING! :) Thanks Dad! :) :)

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