Monday, July 13, 2009

working graveyard = no bloggity blog blog.

Graveyard is finally over! I survived! I learned all kinds of new things aboutstore. It was fun, and it made the night go by waaay faster. Then I brought out the guns, and threw freight with the boys! Let’s just say, it made me want to talk about football and drink a cold beer. 

Dwight: “Hey Jim, Did you get tickets?”

Jim: “To what?”

Dwight: “The gun show” ::kisses biceps::

Along with working late, Mike got a bug :( Poor baby was really sick. I was being a good wife and rub his head, got him water and took his temp. Olivia didn’t quite get why Daddy couldn’t play with her and was really excited when Daddy showed signs of feeling better.


Look at the way she looks at him. He is her entire world.

Olivia loves sitting in our computer chair. She would probably just sit still for an hour if we let her.. hey, that sounds like an a great idea?? :) Anyways, she wanted to sit in a chair like Daddy and she started typing on the keyboard and using the mouse! It was adorable! I opened up a word document and let her type. She mostly liked pushing the space bar, but all the same. Maybe I have a future blogger on my hands? :)

DSCF9525 DSCF9526 This is what happens when I say “Olivia, look this way!”


It happens when Dad says it too. I was hoping the cheesy stage wouldn’t come till later. Oh well, at least she doesn’t mind her photos taken..

I worked hard getting my ribbon organized. I know, I have such a tough life! I found 2 amazing ribbon organizers from Martha Stewart at Wal-Mart, I had to have them. They were 3 bucks each! I love clearance! I threw them in the cart along with a bone folder, and 2 – 6 packs of Martha ribbon. The boxes are okay. I really like that I can put them in there and see them, but pulling them is kind of a pain the butt. I find it easier to pull and hold the ribbon from the inside?? I don’t think that makes sense. But either way, my ribbon looks so pretty! I even have room for the my white ribbon, I just got tired and lazy and wanted to start another project.

DSCF9480 DSCF9471DSCF9481 

       Before                                                                                                              After

DSCF9488 This picture has nothing to do with ribbon, she just looks ginormous. And so stinkin’ cute.

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Annie said...

cute ribbon organizers...i might have missed a post before but what do you do with all your pretty ribbon!? ;)