Thursday, July 2, 2009

Writers Workshop

I’d be happy if my coffee pot didn’t turn off after an hour.

I’d be happy if clothes fit the way they are suppose too and I don’t have to pay double shipping to send things back.

I’ll be happy when my bathing gets here

I’d be happy if I could forget the conversation we all had about my uncle the night of my cousin’s graduation.

I’ll be happy when I can black out those thoughts again…

I’ll be happy when my mandatory grave yard shifts are over on Sunday.

I’d be happy if I was leaner, and tan.

I’d be happy if work didn’t try to screw me over. Really?! He has been there 2 weeks!? And he is so ANNOYING!

I’ll be happy when I rock my interview to move up and shove it anyone’s face who thinks I'm “immature and not responsible”


I am happy because Momma sent my camera cord!!

I am happy because Olivia is growing up to be such a kind girl. She is so gentle and sweet to everyone. Anyone can babysit her and she will have a blast. She loves other babies and touches them gently and kisses their heads.. {can i get an “awww”}


Olivia and her new BFF, Kenzy

I am happy because my husband and I have a really grounded relationship right now. I want to be near him, to touch him all the time. I’m trying my best, not to screw anything up.

I am happy because I found 2 cute dresses at AE. I at least know their clothes fit the way they are suppose too.. AND free shipping!


I am happy because I love to smile and laugh. I love to make everything fun and exciting. I refuse to be dull and boring. If that makes me immature, then I feel sorry for you. :)

I am happy because for the first time in 12 years, I saw my best friend from elementary school, and I felt like we haven’t been apart at all. It was the best feeling in the world. I miss her so much already. Love you Traci! :)

traci!!  tracilivandkenzy They are so gorgeous! Traci has the best smile! It’s contagious!

This has been a Mamakat workshop post! Thanks Kat!


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design gal said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I love your blog as well and will definitely be stopping by more often! :)

Annie said...

Those dresses are adorable! I'm heading to check them out RIGHT NOW!
The girls are also cute little peanuts! Glad you had a nice visit with your friend ;)

Allison said...

You do have so many things to be thankful for especially your little girl and husband. I hope you get your promotion and really get that confidence booster you deserve! Good luck!

Melissa said...

Those are very cute dresses! And your daughter is too cute!
Visiting from Mama Kats

Jen said...

what a great post. You really do have some great things to be happy about.

Dan said...

It's always good to see a friend and have it feel like nothing has intervened. Enjoy it - we only get a few such friends in our life.

Mama Kat said...

I love how you talked BOTH about things that could make you happy and reasons why you already ARE happy. So sweet. And LOVE the dresses...LOVE the baby...LOVE girl time!!