Saturday, August 1, 2009

Do you likey?


Do you like my new header up there? I really really do. Now, if I could only be a html genius and get the rest of it all pretty, I would be a winner.  I guess I could always pay someone to do it. {honey, look away} Maybe I’ll do that… when I’m not on spending freeze 2009.

I’m going to be vain for a couple minutes. I looked really pretty yesterday. Like, I was having a good skin/hair/face day. I sent my BFF a crappy Q'uey picture, and she even said I looked hot. YES! If you can look good in those crappy photos, you are smokin’! Too bad the only thing that I had to do that day was go see Dr. Johnson.. *sigh*


I have found the greatest invention ever! Okay, I really like eyeliner. Just a little smudge on the corners of my eyes right on my lash line. I have really long eyelashes, but they aren’t very thick. I was walking around rite-aid looking at the makeup {because, what else do you get at rite-aid? nothing except for maybe a 2lb bag of swedish fish.Do you remember when it was call  payless?} Anyways! I found this! NYC Waterproof Eyeliner! For 3.99 but I had a dollar off coupon that I got in All You Magazine. It’s sweat proof and amazing and lasted all day at work. It is perfect! :) I’m going to test it when I go running later. I might even attempt it at the lake.


Sorry I have been crappy blog friend. My Momma was here for 4 days! It was awesome! We went to the lake, Mike and I got to go on a date to the movies. {ps. The Awful Truth, is hilarious!} and we got some great girl time :) Love you Momma! :)


PS.  Stephanie is celebrating her 1 year anniversary, and giving away a $50 gift card to Sephora! Um… yes please? Go tell her congratulations and enter to win!


Allison said...

Great header! You're so creative. I have eyeliner love too!

Anonymous said...

I totally dig your new header, I like the saying on it ;)

You DO have great hair! I've done that cut myself a few times but maybe I've grown out of it because the last time I did it, it wasn't so good - but looks FAB on you!
I love good skin, hair, everything days, and you're right you do look great!

Annie said...

loving the new header! if you did that all by yourself, in my book you are talented...i couldn't figure that out! ha!
the two pictures of you are beautiful girly!! i love how you can see your pretty highlights in the second one. darling hair :)

Priscilla - Wheelchair Mommy said...

you look gorgeous sweetie!!! AWesome for a mom visit ... LOOOOOOOVE those :D

*jimaie.marie* said...

LOVE the new header and I LOOOVE that posted a pic of yourself and had a vain moment, I TOTALLY have days when I want to do that lol!!
Good hair/skin/makeup days should NOT go unnoticed! :D

Infarrantly Creative said...

Wow thank you for the birthday wishes. I am overwhelmed by the over 100 emails and facebook messages of people wishing me a happy day. Thanks for thinking of me today!

smile steady said...

1. Love the header
2. I'm an eyeliner addict. I may have to give that one a try!