Friday, August 21, 2009

Keeping up with the Archi’s..

I know, lack of posts big time on my end. I’ve been really busy. I got a promotion at work. I’m a PIC/CH {person in charge, closer helper} and so I work 330 to 12 AM. Which means I get up later and start my day and don’t have much time for blogging or the blogger world. {sorry for my lack of comments <33} So, anyways, I’m at least going to put up all my favorite pictures from the last couple of weeks :) I’m also posting this a day before because I don’t want to be a goober and have 2 posts in one day. Deal? Deal.

Lately, Mike and I have been walking  around the lake. It’s a pretty easy walk and we don’t have to carry Olivia, she can run around by herself. It’s been a lot of fun and really good exercise for us.  We’ve also been walking down to the park, which Olivia likes waaay more! Because of course, there is a slide at that park and she is a big girl and can go down it all by herself.

 DSCF0066 DSCF0067  DSCF0069 DSCF0082 Big wish. Cross your fingers, okay?


Is it bad I only posted this picture because I thought I was having a really good hair day and I feel like my legs are going on for miles?? No? Okay than.. {just don't look at my double chin.. that just happens when I look down.. promise}

DSCF0089  DSCF0096 DSCF0098 DSCF0101  DSCF0108 DSCF0112 DSCF0124 DSCF0131 DSCF0136 DSCF0140 DSCF0146

Please. stop. growing.

DSCF0159 DSCF0162

Like mother, like daughter.



I am thankful for my OWN insurance. For coffee and caramel chocolate creamer. And that my husband doesn’t mind that fact that I’m a raging lunatic throughout this whole “trying to have another baby” thing. Wait.. Did I just spill the beans!? Yup!! We are trying to have another bug! We’ll see. You know, it kinda creeps me out when I say, we’re trying. Because we all KNOW about the birds and the bees. Just don’t think about it that way okay?  But for sure, I’ll show everyone my pee stick. Duh!   DSCF0167

DSCF0171 DSCF0182

Olivia is really into reading lately. She will bring me a book and want to read it over and over. Lately, it’s been Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can you? And Elmo’s Easter Parade. Lord, I cant tell you how many times I’ve hid Elmo. I HATE that he talks in 3rd person and I usually change it to say “I want” instead of “Elmo wants”…

DSCF0175 DSCF0178 

My girl, Shanna had a link from Good Stuff Maynard on her blog, we totally made Crispy Zucchini Coins. They were DELICIOUS! My hubby doesn’t even like zucchini and he ate them all up!

DSCF0183 DSCF0184 DSCF0185

We just got back from the zoo and the beach! We had a blast! 

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Anonymous said...

You. Are. AWESOME! ;) Thanks for the lovely links, the feedback via pictures AND for making me laugh! :) I'm glad you liked them!!

Your bug is so stinkin' cute. I have no doubt that I've said that, probably word for word, before but it's true.

And seriously? You crack me up "I'll show everyone my pee stick. Duh!" LMAO! ;) Good luck on the baby making process!