Thursday, September 3, 2009

The first days of the month..

The first days of the new month, are my favorite! Since I’m such a list girl, I like to sit down and plan my month. Not day by day, but just look at the calendar and see what is going on during that month and how it’s going to affect us. Some things that I look  ahead too are:

  • Birthdays – Making cards, buying presents, planning birthday surprises
  • Bills – ew.
  • Appointments for the family – Dr, Dentist
  • Get togethers

I also create to-do lists of chores or things that I want to get done.

  • Big House cleaning
  • Stressful things
  • Projects
  • Crafty projects

My favorite part, is when the new month is nearing, I get all my fabulous magazines in the mail! I looove them! I justify having so many subscriptions because I save SO much off the cover price. I buy them periodically, not all at once.  At the end of the month, I usually tear out my favorite ideas/layouts/room designs and put them in a binder and give the old magazines to the break room at work… it’s a perfect solution and I really hate all the piles of magazines.


This has been a post inspired by Mama Kats workshop, for which I'm thankful because I had nothing to write about.. already. This is going to be a long month..


CJ Sime said...

WOW you plan your month? I don't even know what I am going to do on a minute to minute basis! I could take a lesson from you though, at my church I am in charge of sending the birthday cards. Guess what?! Nobody has gotten a b-day card this month for over a month. I actually really was planning on waiting for the end of August because then I could send them the last day and be like "hope you didn't feel like we forgot about you." Now it just occured to me we are in September. . .oh dear.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes we are now friends and I expect to see you at the park/library next week . . . That post actually generated a few friend offers now too bad nobody lives by me . .

Allison said...

You do have some subsciptions. I don't like getting mail that much, and I probably wouldn't read them. You're so much less lazy than me! Bills are the worst mail though. :(

*jimaie.marie* said...

I am soooooooooo jealous of your People Magazine subscription! I have wanted one for years now! I think I should ask for it for my bday next year...or christmas!
Actually I'm jealous of all your magazines, mags are my faves!! I have a friend who buys gossip magazines & then gives them to me when shes done...which ACTUALLY , she hasn't done in awhile! *gasp!*Must remedy this situation, PRONTO! :D

MommyBrain said...

You're right ... we are meant to be ... lists and magazines and binders ... three things I adore! And your list categories are almost the same as mine ... life doesn't seem as overwhelming when you break it down into pieces :)