Friday, October 2, 2009

Fashion Friday – LBD Time :)

Do you ever get a package from the UPS man, and you want to kiss him because you’re so excited to get mail!? That’s how I felt yesterday! My black dresses came and I immediately ripped the packages open and tried them on! :) The first one, Mike picked out. It fit pretty well, but I wasn’t a fan on the fabric. It kinda… tugged on all my “flaws”. It still look pretty cute!  Even though my eyes are closed..lbd4

The other dress i tried on, I reaaally loved!  The fabric quality was so much better and when I slipped it on, I knew it was the one! I felt confident and really sassy! Mike wasn’t a fan of the straps {I still don’t know what he is talking about..) But I LOVE it! :) I love my shoes too! They are actually comfy, but I’ll have a pair of flats hiding in my bag for later at the reception :) I think I’ll need a shawl? or a cover up of some sort. And now I have to find something for Mike to wear! :) I’m thinking colored button up, black dress pants and maybe even a tie! HA!

lbd3  lbdlbd2

And for my hair.. a pomp in the back and my bangs clipped to the side :) Now I cant wait for the wedding and the reception! :)

I also bought a pair of yoga pants.. sooo comfy! :) :)


Does anyone else's' purse look like this when they dump it out!? Seriously Ash!? Do you really need 6 packs of gum and 3 mirrors!? No wonder my backs hurts.. WTF! {please ignore the tanning lotion. thank you}Yeah, I’m a bad ass and carry mace!! Don’t mess with me. I’ll EFF you up!  ..just kidding. But.. that is a ALOT of crap.


Anonymous said...

You look fantastic in the dress! I don't know what Mike is talking about with the straps either, they look great! Maybe a sparkly red something for a shawl (you mentioned red shoes?)

Yep, that's pretty much exactly what my purse junk looks like - minus the diaper and plus about 5 tubes of lip gloss LOL :)

megs said...

you know i will NOT ignore the tanning lotion, but we've been over this one already.

you're welcome for the bubble tape & pink sharpie :)

love the dress you picked btw. much easier to see on here than my phone ;)

Molly said...

Wait, it worked! Ignore the email I sent! Love the second dress so freakin much!

Kristin said...

That second dress is absolutely stunning on you. And I dig the straps!

HappyHourSue said...

OMG "flaws"????????? You are teeny tiny. And so adorable I want to eat you up. great blog. Thanks for the follow. :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

The second dress is AMAZING!!!!!!!! OMFG and what flaws?

HA that looks like my bag. But we need everything...

.jimaie.marie. said...

That second dress was MADE FOR YOU!!!
i love that you think you have flaws....are they invisible!? ;)
You are the cutest thing and every post makes me SMILE!