Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Susan!


Thanks for being there through thick and thin. And for the coffee dates and the “nap times” and for keeping me sane and reminding me of all the good when the bad seems to prevail. I’m so glad I have a wine-o friend to drink and get drunk with after half a bottle.. I’m so blessed to have such an amazing friend in my life :) I hope you have an amazing birthday and a wonderful year! xoxo

PS. Maybe this year we can do a triceratops impression again!? :)


Vic said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Target too:) It's MY favorite place to be. I'm now a follower:) Enjoy the day!!!

Eva Gallant said...

Aren't good friends the best? What a great photo!

Mighty M said...

Nice post - Happy Birthday to your friend!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute and HAPPY picture! Thanks for stopping by, your comment made my day :)