Sunday, November 8, 2009

Remember that to-do list??

I went online and purchased these 3 patterns. Umm WHAT WAS I THINKING!? They are sooo beyond my skill level. Amy Butler?! How about Amyi’vebeensewingfor3425yearsandi’mbetterthatyouButler. I really liked that shirt/dress thing. and back it says “I love this to wear on casual days” If I make this.. I’m wearing it everyday for the rest of my life. i promise. I think I will need my Momma. She might as well move into Olivia’s room so I don’t throw my sewing machine across the room..



And this cute little purse organizer! I’m there! There is beyond me too. But I think I can mess this one up and still use it. Now the kicker is that I want to make one for my Momma and Seester for Christmas. And the other reason I jumped  into this one is because I love my butler bag that I got at Avon, but I refuse to give up all my other giant bags..this will be AMAZING!! You let me know, I’ll make you one for Christmas too! ;) (not in that green fabric..ew)44262b

I don’t know why. This is just too cute! I’m thinking when I go to the pool and just need my id? and card? I think so. Or when I’m at the gym? yeah, like I go to the gym. but whatever.. I do what I want. that red one is in Amy Butler fabric.. I’m going to spend a fortune on fabric now. Thank God for Joann’s and their 40% off coupon.


Mighty M said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Just Jen said...

I love them! I can't wait to see how yours turn out! The little wallet is great!