Wednesday, December 2, 2009

22 before I’m 23


I jumped in head first. I wanted to create a list of goals. Things that I have always wanted to do but I put off and put off until I just forget about them. Does that sound familiar?? So I took the leap, and decided to follow suit and make a list. Some of the things on the list are just for fun and others are things that I WILL do.

I painted a canvas and decided that just go with it. This is what I cam up with. I love it. It’s messy and it is very me. In case you cant read my chicken scratch, here it is:

The List.

  1. get a tattoo
  2. run a marathon
  3. sleep under the stars
  4. go on a weekend backpacking trip
  5. finish to date – Olivia’s scrapbook
  6. take a photography class
  7. take conversational spanish
  8. start craft night
  9. not just blog, continue my real journal.
  10. grow my own fruits and veggies
  11. bring my reusable bags to every store. not just grocery store.
  12. ride my pink bike whenever I can
  13. read at least 50 books
  14. learn to knit
  15. paint a canvas
  16. drink more water. camelback = 3rd arm
  17. can jellies and fruits
  18. take pictures in a photo booth
  19. sew with a real pattern
  20. take a weekend with “just the girls”
  21. sleep past noon
  22. have an arts and crafts week with Olivia
  23. live a healthy lifestyle

Thanks Michelle for inspiring me! You are amazing!


Just Jen said...

I like your list! Tattoo idea = Get Olivia's foot print somewhere.

Mighty M said...

What a fun list - good luck crossing those off this year!!

Molly said...

I love it!! I was all squinty eyed reading the poster, then I scrolled down to find it typed out. Haha!

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

LOVE the list!
I might just have to make one for myself!

Crazy Mommy Katy said...

NO thanks to you and Michelle this is a cool idea. Id do the 25 things to do before I am 25 but I am 25 in like 3 months exactly. dont know if i could pull it off, maybe I could lol.
I enjoy your blog you are fab!

Anonymous said...

What a great list! Good luck!

Mrs. Lovely said...

Nice list! I have two tattoos... need another I think. :)

So jealous you have a pink bike. :)

Amanda said...

Ok first of all, what a fabulous idea! I LOVE lists and that is a FUN one!

You should totally get a tattoo. Don't let people change your mind about that one. A tattoo is personal. I have had mine for 3 years and have never regretted getting it. My husband drew it for me, which makes it that much more special!

I *heart* my camelback!

Sleep past noon. Whew! When was the last time I did that! Enjoy!

Oh, and second of all.. Your daughter is simply precious! What a joy she must be!

Krysten Hartenstein said...

I think that's a pretty great list. Good luck!