Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I woke up to this..


There is at least 6 inches out there. I love every single bit of it!
{yes, I'm up before the sun.. aren’t you?}


Judy said...

Aw, what a treat to open your blog and see this view! I am so glad you love it. I love it, too, but here in SC, I see very little of it!

Julie said...

Found your blog through SITS... good on you for being up before the sun... I tend to not enjoy that!

Lovely snow though, I don't get to see that very often!!

Anonymous said...

I am full on JEALOUS of that. Somehow it is 55 degrees here today and I wish we would get some more snow! Such a great view. :)

Thank you for coming by my blog so I could find yours. It's so cute! (And your wedding sounded like it was PERFECT!)

Mandi said...

Oooh that looks lovely! I do love snow. I've spent the last 3 years living in Nashville and we've never had more than a dusting. So I'm looking forward to heading back to Pennsylvania for the holidays (and the snow!!)

Anonymous said...

Oooo though I do miss the many many inches of snow I do not wish I had it here! Maybe for a week? Just to enjoy it then it could all go away to bring out the sun again ;)
Saw your Tweet - good for you for shoveling your own walk! I used to do that too and I tell ya, that has to burn some serious calories!!

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm jealous. We had some snow, but then it melted. And we are getting a few flurries now, but nothing that is sticking. :( Beautiful picture though!

Melissa said...

It's beautiful! I really wish we would get a big snow this year!

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

there are so many things wrong with this.
the snow
you being up

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

That snow looks pretty-- but I don't miss living in the North!!! I love me some 60-degree temperatures in December!


Amanda said...

Just a teeny bit jealous! I *LOVE* snow, but I can only take it for so long. Besides, its SUMMER here in Peru! How can I top 2 SUMMERS in ONE YEAR?! :)