Saturday, December 12, 2009


after i get done teasing my crown so that I get that “is she wearing a bump-it? look” I just want to walk out of the house without fixing it.

 DSCF1751 DSCF1752


But I think that would be very “Kate Gosselin” of me. So I smooth it out. Cause I refuse to be anything like Kate.


then I add a flower and I’m instantly sassy and hotstuff!


…but mostly I just wish I was always cute like this girl :)



Anonymous said...

Of course you're cute like that girl. You made her cute so technically you were cute first lol

Crazy Mommy Katy said...

you have great hair.
rockin the flower, and what a little darling she is!

Kell said...

oh olivia. how i love you :)

i used to have my hair like yours and im growing it out now. you make me want to cut it again cuz it's looks so damn cute! grrr!!


Anonymous said...

Love your hair and the bow. And your daughter is so cute!:)

Kristin said...

Yum, she IS awfully cute!

angelina la dawn said...

you two look so much alike! (which i'm sure you hear all the time :) and i love your flower

Just Jen said...

Olivia always make me smile!

Ya'll have got to be one of the cutest mother/daughter pairs out there!

<3 you!!