Saturday, January 16, 2010

well look who it is..

I’ve been in hiding. Well actually, I have been avoiding blogging. I lost it. I lost that blogging mojo that I had for a long time. I think it might be back!!

Can we just talk about a certain public service announcement that should be all over the web. The one that says “Twitter has over taken my blog!” I’m serious. I don’t think that I am alone on this.
”Hi, I’m Ashlee, and I’m addicted to twitter”

where did all my blog mojo go?? about 13 hours ago from mobile web
do you say qu-poun or coo-pon for coupon?? about 16 hours ago from mobile web
"we never go anywhere, a plane would have to hit the couch" about 21 hours ago from mobile web
really. im on my Q. mikes on the computer. CAN YOU FEEL THE LOOOVE TONIIIGHT?! 8:04 PM Jan 14th from mobile web
we went bowling tonight! oh my gosh it was a blast!! 5:29 PM Jan 14th from mobile web
my husband is making pot roast for his dad and him from @thepioneerwoman cookbook..looks like im have pb&j 12:00 PM Jan 14th from mobile web
i got new glasses. i'm really excited about them. 2:57 PM Jan 13th from API

Okay, so maybe that is why I haven’t blog. Because life isn't so exciting lately. Mike and I are enjoying a vacation from work together. A whole week of just us and little bug. We are lucky that we even get our of our pajamas to run errands. It’s been SO nice. 

I’m continuing my project 365. I’m excited that I actually remember to take a picture everyday. My Dad told me that it was a really great idea and that he wanted me to keep it up! So of course, I will! :)  

Here are the pictures that I forgot to post:

008 009 010 011 012 013 014 0015

OH!! And did you notice! Look how cute my blog is!!! I did it all by myself! Well scrapblog, cutestblogontheblock, poladroid helped a little! But I did all the hard work! I’m really really happy with it! It is definitely the look that I am going for. Simple and cute!

Alright, I’ve been on the computer long enough! My butt hurts and Olivia wants to play!


Mighty M said...

Your layout is super cute!

I think your Twitter updates are terrific! I usually can only come up with "good morning" or "good night!". I just can't think under pressure!! :)

Amanda said...

I *heart* twitter!

and I LOVE the new blog layout! It's fabulous!

xoxoKrysten said...

Loving your new blog layout, it's super cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the new layout. I left you an award on my blog. :)