Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day

We had a really good valentine’s day. We mostly just enjoyed each others company. Nothing is better than that as far as I’m concerned. We did get some pretty awesome presents though.

Olivia got some recycled crayons from Chasedreams on Etsy. She loved them and even tried to eat them.. they do look amazing but she figured out what they were really for..

I made this key ring for Mike. They were selling online for 15 dollars! shut up! I made mine for 84 cents! Plus an extra 69 cents for the cute box! It pays to be creative! He loved it, and thought it was awesome


Mike bought me  these dishes! I love love LOVE them! I had tucked them into my favorites “wish list” folder.  I never knew he actually looked in there! Mine were sitting on the coffee table full of Hershey hugs and almond kisses. My favorite. He really did good this year, I had NO idea! :)

PS. I hate keeping secrets. I’m really not good at it. I promise I will let you in on Saturday! PROMISE! It’s a really good one :) Everything will make sense after I tell you. Including why I have been neglecting my blog :)


Molly said...

Ohhh, excited for Saturday! :)

Anonymous said...

Those crayons are adorable! Secret?! Can't wait to hear!!:)

Mrs. Lovely said...

Great key chain! Good for you for being creative. :) And those dishes are awesome. Can't wait to see what the secret is!

xoxoKrysten said...

I LOVE that keychain you made. So cute!

Just Jen said...

I know your secret!!


I'm keeping my mouth shut!!!

<3 you!!

Mighty M said...

Very cute gifts! So crafty of you to make that yourself. I am very impressed!

I will stay tuned to find out your secret!

b.fox* said...

NEW follower! Loved your blog!

ADORABLE dishes!

.jimaie.marie. said...

heeeeeeeeee!!!! SECRET!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

I adore the crayons you got for Liv, theyre so bright and i love that theyre recycled!

And how CUTE are the dishes Mike got you?? I thot it was so sweet that he filled them with kisses :D

I think I am going to have to steal your keychain idea, you are so damn smart to see something and make it yourself, I love when people do that and inspire me to not be such a wuss about DIY projects lol!

love you!