Wednesday, June 9, 2010

23 weeks

How far along? 23 weeks. That is almost 6 months! Where is the time going!?

Weight Gain:  I don’t feel like I've gained any extra. I guess I will find out at my OB appointment on the 21st.

Maternity Clothes:


These are all from Old Navy. The shorts and black pants are the only things that are maternity. Everything else I just upped the size and went with it. I love the jersey skirts on the bottom. They are so soft and comfy. The black pants for work are amazing. I love them as soon as I put them on. They have a real waist with these side stretchy parts. They are a little narrow at the bottom, but I am use to a flare bottom.

Stretch Marks:  I’m pretty sure there are new ones on the side of my belly. They aren’t showing but I can feel them. Oh well, I have always called them my “momma marks” for a reason.

Sleep: Bed at 8. Wake up at 3am. Eat. Back to bed at 4ish. Up at 8am. and repeat.

Best Moment of the Week:  Mike and I were up one night talking about baby names and he liked the name Isaac because he would be named after Isaac Newton. And the conversation went something like this:
Hubs: “Isaac Albert. There! Get all the good guys in his name”
Me: “well… that’s really setting him up for the future”
Hubs: “You don’t like it?”
Me: “No I do, but I’m trying to think of names of my male mentors…”
{minutes pass}
Hubs: “Hostess Cadbury?”

And that my friends, is what my husband thinks of me.

Cravings:  coffee with cream and a tiny bit of sugar.
ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls.

Belly Button: Has this weird lip thing at the top… i wonder how long til it pokes through?  My belly button is so deep, i don’t usually get to see the inside of it. And lately, I can see all the way down and it looks like a cinnamon roll..

Belly Picture:

 DSCF2512  We are just going to pretend that isn’t a picture of me in my roo’s. We will call them shorts :) See my belly button!? See the lip?!

I’m kind of, sort of, in love with my belly.


Kristen said...

Hostess Cadbury, huh...has a nice ring to it if you ask me ;-)

Mrs. Lovely said...

I like the name Hostess Cadbury. Has a nice ring to it..

Amanda said...

Ok, this isnt supposed to sound weird but it does....But I LOVE your roos! Are they VS?!?!

and I love your tummy! Adorable!

haha, great post!!!

Ashley said...

Haha. Love the name. :)

.jimaie.marie. said...

omg, HOstess Cadbury bahahahahaha!!! That is freaking hilarious.

And you just HAD to say "ooey gooey cinnamon rolls" didn't you?! ;D NOM.

I am seriously loving that baby belly of yours, I can't wait to meet this baby boy!!