Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1 month


Isaac is 5 1/2 weeks old! It doesn’t seem like a month has gone by. He is still my squishy love bug.

Isaac Michael – 1 month

Eating: Isaac loves to nurse. He eats every 2 hours on the hour during the day. He clusters feeds from 6-9pm usually.

Sleep: He is a champion sleeper! He sleeps through the night and only wakes up at 1am for 15 minutes and goes back to sleep til 5am. I love having more sleep! I feel fantastic! I know that will probably change.. but for now, it’s really nice! Oh, he has to be swaddled at night, I loooove my kiddopatamus swaddle me. We have 2 to rotate out.

Clothes: He is a chub-a-lub! {I sometimes sing “Mr chub a luba..mmm” …anyone??} He is almost too small for his 3 month clothes! I cant believe I have such a big baby. I’m use to miss Olivia who was always petite. I pulled out some of my favorite outfits to make sure he wears them before he is too giant to fit.


Milestones: He started smiling on Friday! He has the worlds greatest toothless grin! He can hold his head up for extended periods of time too! It makes holding him so much easier! He isn’t much of a laying down baby when he is awake, he would rather be standing or sitting up.

Bumps in the road: He is super grumpy at dinner time. Usually that is when he is cluster feeding. It makes for a long night, but lately I’ve been giving him a nice warm bath and using lavender calming lotion at nice which has seem to help. It’s also helped with getting him to bed before 9.  {this is what happens when your sister is born first, everything is pink}


 Loves: Being held! I cant put him down sometimes. He is usually in my lap when I’m on the computer or I’m carrying him around the house in my ergo when I’m doing chores. It’s different with Isaac then it was with Olivia. She was never a cuddlier. It’s amazing how much of a difference nursing makes. He really enjoy staring at the living room light! LOL! I tried to give him a rattle, but the light won! I might make him a onesie that says “I love lamp” just for fun! DSC_0011

Other than the lack of sleep for Mike and I, I love our little family. Mike and I have already been on a date! He took me to the movies and dinner for my birthday/our anniversary. Isaac did great and took a bottle! He ate 7oz. in 3 hours! I wasn’t nervous to leave him at all. He was in good hands, and I couldn’t wait to kiss Mike without interruption…remember when? 


Just Jen said...

Oh, Ash!! I love him! Didyou get your birthday card?

.jimaie.marie. said...

oh my goodness, i seriously adore this child!! He looks like he smells so good! lol! Is that weird to say? I just love that newborn smell!!! He has SUCH sweet little lips! So kissable! I had to giggle at the pink bathtub and the caption you put with the picture, I love it :D
We used to call our boys chubbalubbas when they were growing their rolls too, so funny!
I love that he has a fascination with the living room lamp, Isaiah was SO OBSESSED with our ceiling fan when he was a newborn, it cracked us up! He would crane his little neck to see it no matter where he was in the room!
I wish wish wish I lived nearby so I could come give this sweet boy some cuddles and give you a break mama! I know how important just getting a little bit of time to yourself is but I am SO PROUD OF YOU for sticking through this nursing business. I know it can be so exhausting but it will get better soon, he is just so busy growing right now but how proud are you looking at those CHUBBY CHEEKS and knowing that it's all because of your milk? Isn't it amazing?!
Love you Ash!! <3

megs said...

he's so handsome :) i cant wait to get to meet him and squish his cheeks! and fischer has that little baseball outfit too! red sox colors! lol :)

Anonymous said...

So precious!! He is adorable!