Monday, January 10, 2011

photo update!


My “Mama” Carolyn took Olivia and I shopping and out to lunch. She is the sweetest! She has a east coast/southern accent. She says the most CRAZY things. I love her to death. I call her my “mama” because she tries to tell me what to do all the time :)


I turned around to take a break from blogging and this is what I saw. I’m so glad that I always keep my camera next to me, because Olivia sitting still doesn’t happen very often and I love how happy Daddy looks hanging out with his babies.



I picked up some window clings from the dollar store. They are Olivia’s favorite part about decorating for the holidays. I let her put them on all by herself. I don’t stress about where they go, because I know the next day she will asked to play with her “window stickers” and have them moved around again.


Just give me a green apron and hire me! I finally learned how to use my starbucks barista machine! And in case you are wondering.. I make AMAZING mochas! Anytime anyone is in the mood for coffee, come on over and save a couple bucks! Mike’s Dad had given this to me before he passed away. He knew how much I loved coffee. It was really sweet. I wish he was still here to tell me that I’m doing it wrong and to give me a hard time. I really missed him today.



I always look forward to the hour before Isaac wakes up. Olivia and I get some much needed cuddles in and it’s all about her. Balancing two babies hasn’t always been easy but having mornings like these are precious.


Laundry. I hate laundry. Really, I do. Well it’s not so much the washing that I hate. I really hate folding and putting away the laundry. I usually block out a morning and devote it especially to laundry. I MUST fold it and I MUST put it away that day. It wont get done any other way.


Olivia loves to “tir.”  She helped me make whole grain chocolate muffins.They were fantastic! I love when we are getting ready to make something, she has to get her apron and hat to bake like Daddy. She is the best little baker!


Katy said...

Ah! I am so envious of your Barista machine!
Too bad we arent neighbors because yeah I like starbucks that much Id bug you for some!
haha jk!

.jimaie.marie. said...

I love these photos! If I lived closer I'd come over for coffee dates and you could make me delicious mochas and lattes :) How adorable is Olivia helping stir?! I LOVE that.

Just Jen said...

I love love love your photo updates! I get to watch my little munchkins grow up and up!!