Sunday, June 15, 2008

Part 2 continues!

Some of my favorite pictures of the week!
My favorite picture of Mike and I
My beautiful girl, so alert at the beach
I love this picture! Mike looks so happy!
Olivia feeling sand for the first time!
In my coat. It was VERY cold

That night, Mike and I got SOAKED! Mike woke up in the middle of the night and thought he pee'd his pants! LOL! But come to find out, no.. we were in the Sea Ranch Lake! :) LOL! Mike and I must not of let it bother us too much because we fell asleep for another 2ish hours and finally woke back up and Mike says "Okay, we are going to pull out the tent" I was thinking.. "Ummm.. it's like 3 o'clock in the morning!?" But I got dressed and soon enough we no longer had a tarp under us. We slept til 6 that morning and were pretty grumpy when we got up! We didn't want being wet to ruin our perfect day, so we got dressed extra warm and went to Cannon Beach to look at the shops! I absolutly love ALL the shops there. I wish they weren't so spendy. I probably would of bought something at every one! The art museums really got my creative juices flowing! Everything was so beautiful! I wish I had half that talent! My favorites were the waves made out of glass, these beatiful textured landscapes and this statue called "Embrace".
That night, Mike and I played "Chubby Bunny" We stuffed as many marshmellows as we could in our mouths and had to say "I love my Husband/Wife" It was so fun and I laughed so hard!

We really did have a good time. Wet or not. I was so glad to just be with Mike and not have to worry about anything. :) I didn't like having to come back home and going straight back to work the next day :( I feel like my week didn't last long enough and now I am behind on fathers day! :( AHHH!!!! Oh well.. I guess I will start my to-do list today for this week! I have 3 cards to make! :(

Oh! Here is the link to our pictures. I agree with Heather, putting them on here is kind of a pain in the butt :(

God Bless

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