Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Everyone needs a vacation!

I'm so glad that Mike and I got to get away from everyone and everything this week! :) We got to enjoy a very fun and relaxing vacation in Oregon. The first night we got to stay at Heather and Milo's! It was such a great time! Our little ones got to see each other and indulge the mommy's by letting us take pictures of them together! They are absolutly precious together and it's so fun to see Lydia's personality show! She is so cute and fun and even though she gave me the pouty lip, she made up for it the next morning with a gorgeous smile and letting me hold her!

Lydia telling Olivia secrets :)
Hot Momma's walking our girls

It really was a lot of fun being at their house. Heather even got out her old yearbooks so I could see my handsome husband in highschool. He was still handsome, in a geeky kind of way.. LOL

We left their house, and got back on the road to get to Cannon Beach! We got there too early to check into our campsite, so we headed to Seaside. We went to the little shops and bought taffy [of course!] and we tried to go down to the beach but it was WAY to windy! Olivia was trying to eat the wind the whole time!

warm inside.

We finally left because we were cold and the idea of being stuck in the car longer was a great idea because heat is my best friend. We checked into our camp and got it all ready. We ended up being right next to the ONLY other people at the campsite. But they ended up being really awesome and we hung out with them the last night talking and drinking beer.
I have so many more pictures. I think this will take me forever. :( LOL! Olivia is waking up so I must go be super mom and get her back in bed!

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