Tuesday, August 19, 2008

scrappin' fun && hiking fun!

I finally did it!
I finally started Ms. Olivia's scrapbook! This is the first page. I'm up for any grandma's wanting to send me picutres... I think i'm missing like the whole first hour of her life. Way to go Ash. But here it is! I thought I would share. There is a pull out behind the white square that had a letter I wrote to Olivia in november. I thought it was special and she should have it.

I love buttons.
precious baby girl ribbon.

Also, Mike and I decided to be pro-active and went hiking up to the falls. It's not a very rugged hike, but I felt like I was going to die.. I front packed Olivia in and he packed her out. Thank goodness! And it was the first time we got to use our camel packs {{Thanks Heather!!}}

The over growth!! Mike and I think they aren't taking care of the trails like they use too.. :(

He only thinks he is sexy...

I love this picture.

This must be the excited face..

Backpack in action! or.. a lame excuse for hubby to take a picture of my butt..

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