Monday, August 11, 2008

Over the river and through the woods

To huckleberry pickin' we go!

Susan, Adrian and I got a bug yesterday afternoon to pick some huckleberrys. They were pretty few and far between. Early? Maybe. Bears ate them all? Probably. But, either way, we had a great time! Olivia even helped Aunt Susan. She mostly picked leaves and tried to stuff them in her mouth before Aunty could catch her, but she laughed and smiled the whole time. Except for this face...
I believe it's the face of shame. That her Momma lied to her when she said that Huckleberry pickin' was SO MUCH fun... ;)

It was beautiful up at Cle Elem River camp. It was overcast, but I cant believe the growth of the vegitation! Spots where we usually went, didn't look familiar anymore. Oh well, I guess that what happens when you and the forest get older :(

I took some great shots of Olivia the other day. Trying to capture her small delicate features. Praying that I dont blink and the next thing I know, she is off to college.

I think they turned out great. One day I will get my super snazzy camera and take pictures of everything. But for right now, the fuji works great. If Mike would find the book on it, I think I could take ever BETTER pictures.

Olivia is sitting up without the wobbles for longer periods of time. I think it's great. She is so much happier sitting on her bottom then laying down. :) Just a better view. :) Since she is sitting up, Daddy can FINALLY put her on his shoulders. He has wanted to do that since she was born. :) That is even a better view! :)

She truely is a special girl. So much, she loves the fan blowing on her and thinks it is the funniest thing! :) She laughs and giggles. It is adorable.

God Bless!!


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Ronda Simpson said...

I just LOVE your pics!! Such a adorable little girl. You have such a beautiful family, Ashlee!!
Oh yeah girl, if you don't know already, you need to head over to my blog for some news! :)