Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Perfect fall weekend!

Even though it was completely busy, Mike was tired and being an oof on saturday/sunday. We had the BEST weekend! And it started on a Thursday! :) What's better than that? Nothing :)

Thursday: Neither of us had to work, we got up at 6ish and had breakfast and got ready to enjoy a drive up Wenatchee! We really just wanted to see the colors up Blewett Pass, oh my goodness they were beautiful. It looked like a wildfire. Oranges and yellows scattered between the pine trees. I love fall. Add in some super cute side fruit stands, i was in awe. While in Wenatchee, was had to do the basics. Go to Costco before our membership was up, because I dont think we'll go again. Got our usuals, sun dried tomatos, carnation breakfast for mike and I haggled with Mike to let me get Olivia a really cute purple outfit :) We stopped at Target, because it's always nessasary when it's near by! And then stopped at Sonic and ate [Message to Daddy:haha, I had Sonic and yoooou didnt!!] Needless to say, Wenatchee really wore us out, even though we STILL want to move there! :) We came home, rested for half an hour, and set foot for our next adventure of the pumpkin patch!! :) We went to the one in Thorp because it was an actual patch and we have to support Thorp :) It was fun, there was even more pumpkins than last year, except that I think they forgot to turn alot of them, because most of the ones we looked at were mushed on the sides :(

After looking at all the patches, and at all the pumpkins, we all decided on the pefect one! And even Olivia got to get one! :) Hers is very cute! :)
We were suppose to have dinner with the Brady's but we were all very tired and 2 members of my family were grumpy :) So we came home and relaxed!! :) THANK GOODNESS!!

Friday: We got to wake up and not rushed, we enjoyed our morning together, got a call from Heather, said she would be there that morning. I was pretty excited because I had never met my sister in law!! :) It was awesome! I wish they would of stayed longer. Jae is so cute and her and Olivia were having fun together! It was great that Olivia finally got to meet her cousin and a REAL aunt! :)
At 4 that night, we were meeting up with Heather J. for the girls to go trick or treating at her parent's house! Olivia was a lady bug and Lydia was a cow! Oh my gosh, they were both so stinkin' cute! :) We took them outside to get fall pictures in the leaves. :) There were many "awws" going around. The pictures turned out great!

This one I think is my favorite, and no one was sure if they got the picture or not..

This picture, Olivia went and saw Mary Ellen, and then gave her a KISS!! and than wanted her mom again.. HOW CUTE

Then we were off to the cornmaze! The cornmaze was fun! Heather and I got to talk about the girls and how they were doing. I really enjoyed talking to her! Olivia and Lydia had the best seat, they were both in the backpacks! :) We got through the corn maze quick! :) We all played navigator and all helped get through atleast one part. There was a pig maze, for the little kids, they let these baby pigs go through it with the kids, Heather was all for it when the girls got older, I might consider it, if I dont have to watch. :) I'm still not much of a "farm girl" But at long as we play with them and not eat them, i'm all for it ;)

This is the end of Lydia's smile, but I got her to smile :)

There are a ton more pictures here: http://picasaweb.google.com/hugsnsprinkles/AutumnFun
Uploading them takes too long and gets a little messy! :) Hope you like them :)
God Bless!!

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