Saturday, November 1, 2008

National Blog Posting Month ;)

You know what this means?!

It means, that I'm posting every single day! YES! It is very exciting!!

So, since today is November 1st.. guess what?!

11 days til my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember counting down when I was little, and telling my mom all the time how many days til my birthday just in case she forgot. And then putting my wish list on the refrigerator. One year, I got a talk boy pen, man I was soo excited. I dont even know why I wanted it, but I did and my daddy got it for me! :) I hate to say it, but my Daddy always gets me the BEST presents. Every year. And he picks them out all by himself. That's why I think they are so good. Last year, I got a cross necklace that was gorgeous and I haven't taken it off since :) This year, I told him I wanted a pea coat.. mm to be warm and cute in a gorgeous jacket with mittens and a scarf! :) :) :)

Oh! And Happy Halloween! We only had 4 trick or treaters. :( Now we have 3 bags of candy, in a bowl, taunting me to eat it. I was June Cleaver at work. Can you believe I didn't take a single picture? Wanna know the sad part? I had everything I needed for the outfit in my closet. Which is CRAZY! I wore a yellow button up dress with a cinched waist, a purple vintage apron, nylons, and heels. Then I had a rubber glove in my apron and a sponge and I wore my hair flipped out, with a polka dot headband. Megs would of been so proud.

..maybe I will put it on again, just to take a picture..

Anyways, here are some fun pictures that I just uploaded off the camera! :)

The front porch last night.

Olivia eating a banana all by herself.

How I spent my morning

My girl and I

Olivia and her pumpkin. She was very proud of it!

Daddy and Olivia, this morning. They we re just hanging out together. 10 minutes later, she was squawking and making all kinds of funny noises and having a good time playing with Daddy.

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megs said...

megs really would have been proud! put it back on while olive is napping and take a picture!

you know who i will be drinking coffee with in exactly TWO WEEKS?! YOUUUUU!!!!!!

i'm so excited <3