Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do you ever..

Do you ever get nervous taking pictures off your camera and then actually deleting them from the camera? I do every single time. I know, you should always back up your files, throw them on a CD and throw the CD somewhere that that incase of a fire that is the first thing you grab. [That, Olivia, and probably the half asleep husband asking why he smells cooked bacon] But I still get nervous! What if the CD is corrupt and there goes ever picture of Olivia eating squash for the first time!?

Anyways, Mike has the camera sitting here on the computer table, I think that means that he wants me to upload it or do SOMETHING with the full memory card of pictures. Alas, here I am, in the morning drinking coffee and uploading pictures, while our sweet girl is sleeping.
**By the way, she slept ALL. Thank to the vicks vapor rub, which i payed for in quarters because i didn't bring my wallet with me to work. And she is sleeping AgAIN! No boogers either ;)
So, I thought I would post some photo's :)
Nothing is better than playing in a pile of leaves! :)

Between this and a scrap of fleece fabric she carries around with us, why did i buy real toys?
Look at those DELICIOUS thighs!

This is our girl yesterday, Mike said she layed on the couch
like this for half an hour.. that's not our girl at all
She did find time in her day to polish the tables.. :)

God Bless!



Corinne said...

Grandma knows that vicks works!!!!
Did you put it on the bottom of her feet before you put her pj's on?
Glad she is sleeping better!!!!

megs said...

i'm very glad she found time in her schedule to polish the furniture. very responsible.

and are those flamingo slippers?! because the bottom of MY old navy flamingo slippers look just like that...

megs said...

p.s. i'm also terrified of losing my pictures, and they're not even as important as yours!