Saturday, January 17, 2009


"I know that you can be overwhelmed. and underwhelmed..
But can you ever just be whelmed"
"I think you in europe you can"
-10 things I hate about you

Okay, well maybe I just feel overwhelmed by the piles of schtuff in my bedroom. *Mike and I usually dont give a hoot about our room. **We close the door when company is here and push things out of the way when need be, but I'm about to go bananas!

*I mean just me. i'm a mess ;)
**and by we, I mean me

Maybe I should go take pictures of my other rooms so that everyone doesn't think i'm entirely unkept ;) One of the reasons for the second pile, is that we dont have a bookcase. I want a big one! Because Mike and I have ALOT of books. I guess, I could stop being stingy and give them away, but they are mine and I love them.

...hopefully messy isn't genetic...
PS. If you see cheap bookcases. call me. beep me. text me. :)

And in other news, I caught this adorable mouse stealing cheese :)
Look Grandpa Bingo!! I can have a pony tail now!!!!
And she is starting to look more like me! :)
I cant believe that Olivia is ALMOST 11 months. And she took more steps last night!! She walked all the way across the living room! I laughed. I cried. We clapped! It was amazing.
And she likes to dance. She bounces up and down when she hears a song she likes. Lately, it's been Kanye West and Katy Perry... can definatly tell she has been hanging out with Mom in the mornings.. hehe

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megs said...

give that girl some mayer to listen to! waiting on the world to change is good and bouncy!!